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A serial killer hunts the Florida night in this “powerfully unnerving” tale of sex, power, and murder from the Shamus Award-winning author (Kirkus Reviews).
Businessman William “BB” Byrd is in for a shock. His old friend, homicide detective Daniel Turner, summons him to identify the trussed-up, naked body of a woman, found wrapped in plastic amongst a pile of garbage on Blue Avenue, a down-at-heel area of Jacksonville, Florida. BB recognizes the dead woman as Belinda Mabry, with whom he spent an intense and passionate summer twenty-five years before. What’s more, as Daniel informs him, she’s the third victim to have met such a hideously gruesome end. The other two were prostitutes.
Determined to find out what happened to Belinda and where she’d been for the past quarter century, BB must revisit his own troubled past—and discover more than he ever really wanted to know about the woman he once loved. But his investigations are causing serious ripples among the local community’s more prominent members. Can BB and Turner stop a madman before he strikes again, or have they found themselves on a road of no return?
An “intriguing thriller” with “expert twists” and “a finale that would make [James M.] Cain and the Coen [Brothers] proud,” Blue Avenue is the first in a riveting mystery series from the Shamus Award–winning author of Monument Road (The Sun-Sentinel).
“Wiley is extremely good at creating an atmosphere of menacing dread” —Publishers Weekly, starred review
“Wiley echoes Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins books in both his storytelling and his first-person voice. . . . The plot, fueled by a steadily rising body count, boils furiously.” —Kirkus Reviews

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 1
Severn House Publishers
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