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Avatars have the ability to live and function in multiple realities. A divine manifestation, an incarnation of a god, or a star traveler--Crystal Blue is all of these--and more. She didn't ask for these abilities, but knows their importance. After all, she's traveling to Tibet in the belly of a blue serpent.

In PB Morlen's fourth novel in the ongoing White Bird Series, Blue Crystal Mountains, the tale of Crystal Blue continues. Located in a remote and inhospitable area of the Himalayas--where heaven and earth embrace--is the secret and holiest mountain in the world, the diamond-shaped snow mountain, Kailas. To repair the harm she's done, Crystal must make a sacred pilgrimage around the mountain, visiting temples shrouded by mystery and legends to seek forgiveness from Her.

Before Crystal can get to the mountain, a mysterious green-eyed woman with porcelain skin and sweeping lashes fine as phoenix quills challenges her with a task--if she fails, someone she loves will die.

Fueled by the flames of compassion, Crystal pours every ounce of energy into completing this new mission and will come to understand the meaning of the Buddhist mantra, Om mani padme hum.

Half-a-world away, ancient shamans living high in the Andes Mountains, hidden for 500 years, are watching to see if Crystal can save this loved one. Dreamers in the past, the future, and present have been waiting for the Star Warrior to return to the Land of the Four Quarters. The Inca push her future into the past. The sacred stone in the Crystal City awaits her touch--sacred vortexes and doorways are opening. Who will Crystal meet when she walks through one? Will it be Adam?

While Crystal walks, the beast slumbering beneath the sea's deepest trench stirs and begins to awaken. The dragons are rising.

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February 15
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