Blue Plate Special Blue Plate Special

Blue Plate Special

An Autobiography of My Appetites

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Publisher Description

From acclaimed novelist Kate Christensen, Blue Plate Special is a mouthwatering literary memoir about an unusual upbringing and the long, winding path to happiness.

“To taste fully is to live fully.” For Kate Christensen, food and eating have always been powerful connectors to self and world—“a subterranean conduit to sensuality, memory, desire.” Her appetites run deep; in her own words, she spent much of her life as “a hungry, lonely, wild animal looking for happiness and stability.” Now, having found them at last, in this passionate feast of a memoir she reflects upon her journey of innocence lost and wisdom gained, mistakes made and lessons learned, and hearts broken and mended.
   In the tradition of M. F. K. Fisher, Laurie Colwin, and Ruth Reichl, Blue Plate Special is a narrative in which food—eating it, cooking it, reflecting on it—becomes the vehicle for unpacking a life. Christensen explores her history of hunger—not just for food but for love and confidence and a sense of belonging—with a profound honesty, starting with her unorthodox childhood in 1960s Berkeley as the daughter of a mercurial legal activist who ruled the house with his fists. After a whirlwind adolescent awakening, Christensen strikes out to chart her own destiny within the literary world and the world of men, both equally alluring and dangerous. Food of all kinds, from Ho Hos to haute cuisine, remains an evocative constant throughout, not just as sustenance but as a realm of experience unto itself, always reflective of what is going on in her life. She unearths memories—sometimes joyful, sometimes painful—of the love between mother and daughter, sister and sister, and husband and wife, and of the times when the bonds of love were broken. Food sustains her as she endures the pain of these ruptures and fuels her determination not to settle for anything less than the love and contentment for which she’s always yearned.
   The physical and emotional sensuality that defines Christensen’s fiction resonates throughout the pages of Blue Plate Special. A vibrant celebration of life in all its truth and complexity, this book is about embracing the world through the transformative power of food: it’s about listening to your appetites, about having faith, and about learning what is worth holding on to and what is not.

Biographies & Memoirs
July 9
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Cranscar ,

Blue Plate Special

Enjoyable , page-turning reading- a memoir that reads like a novel. Ms. Christensen has lead an eventful, relatable , and sensuous life.

Kathyw4 ,

Loved it!

I loved reading this book as I strongly identified with the author, whose coming of age story is similar to my own story in several ways. I love her clear, crisp style and her food writing is the best "porn" I've ever read! I had to stop reading a couple of times to try recipes. They were delicious and simple and I am determined to cook my way through most all of them.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes interesting life stories about strong women dealing with the foibles of life in an honest, unvarnished and relatable way, and and for anyone who is passionate about food. Even the style in which she writes the recipes is wonderful.I can't express enough how delighted I am at the inclusion of these sensual recipes! Love, love, love this book. I enjoy the author's style so much that I am already starting her other books, beginning with "The Great Man".
It's been 20 years since I found an author whose work I like so much that I want to read everything she has published (that last one was Anita Shreve) I'm delighted to have finally found Kate Christensen!

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