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“Bluegrass Banjo in 10 Easy Steps” is a comprehensive start from scratch, step by step course of study that maximizes the use of interactive technology. All photos can be enlarged in order to see near life-size fingerings of both hands. Videos have close ups of both hands. There are hundreds of sound examples that demonstrate phrases and compete songs at various speeds. Short phrases are looped for repeated practice. The interactive glossary of terms contains nearly 200 entries. You learn complete songs with backup parts, beginnings, endings and solos, all in a variety of keys.

Eddie Collins is a highly regarded author of bluegrass-related instructional materials with over 25 titles receiving international distribution.

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September 1
Eddie Collins
Edward G. Collins

Customer Reviews

universeman ,

Eddie is the best

Hey all, I haven’t downloaded this book yet but I do take lessons here in Austin from Eddie Collins, and have his other iBook covering backup banjo for bluegrass. Eddie is one fine banjo instructor. And this book uses the same tech as that one does (he has told me) but many things are improved, and because of those two things, I can wholeheartedly recommend this for someone trying to learn the banjo!

josh_atl ,

Can't recommend highly enough!

This is a fantastic book for the beginner to intermediate Banjo player. Compared to the print books I've used in the past, the interactive features make a huge difference - you can loop a clip to play along as you work through each exercise, and each song has a slow and fast version to keep it challenging as you get up to speed. Eddie's arrangements are excellent and practical. A perfect place to start as you lay your foundation as a Banjo player. NOTE: After downloading the sample, I had to delete the book and re-download it for the clips to play correctly, so keep this in mind.

DJShumate ,

I can't get this item to open on my device

How do I get a refund???

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