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"Like Elmore Leonard on speed . . ."

- Lincoln Child

In a debut novel sure to both excite passions and elicit laughter, author Steven M. Forman has created a different kind of hero in a most unlikely criminal hotbed: Boca Raton.

Eddie Perlmutter's career as a much-honored Boston cop has come to an end. At sixty, he's still energetic and virile, but decades of harsh New England winters and collaring the pug-uglies of Boston's underworld have taken their toll - especially on his knees. So what does a lonely, retired cop with arthritic knees do? Heads to sunny Florida, of course.

But instead of enjoying a relaxed, laid-back retirement, Eddie quickly discovers the darker side of Boca Raton's endless sun and palm trees, where hate crimes, counterfeiting, and worse lurk beneath the deceptively calm surface of the cushy retirement communities.

With his no-nonsense crime-fighting skills and roll-with-the punches attitude, Eddie hits Boca Raton like of a Nor'easter from Hell, fast, fresh, and unstoppable. A compulsively readable comic thriller with an egalitarian message that will inspire readers of all ages, Boca Knights will have readers in stitches and keep them on the edge of their seats.

"Boca Knights is a can't-put-down read, full of laugh out loud humor, fast paced hijinks, and lore. Part Robert Parker, part Carl Hiaasen, Eddie Perlmutter is a high-testosterone, no-nonsense detective with a tender core, and makes turning sixty a carnal, tropical ride."

- Andrew Gross

"Fast, funny, and incredibly wise . . . a compulsive read that will make you want to live next door to its hero, Eddie Perlmutter, who is without a doubt one of the best new characters to appear on the literary horizon in some years."

- Gayle Lynds

"Steve Forman strafes the south Florida scene with Boca Knights, an outrageously funny mystery novel with a raft of offbeat characters and prose that moves trippingly off the pen. His main man, Eddie Perlmutter, ex-Boston cop attempting semi-retirement in Boca Raton like a fish trying to retire out of the water, is a character for the ages. Carl Hiaasen, watch your back."

- Douglas Preston

"Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Philip Roth with Elmore Leonard? This impressive crime debut novel provides a hint. . . . An entertaining mix of comedy and drama."

- Booklist

"Mystery fans who like their operatives macho with an offbeat sense of humor will certainly enjoy this book and look forward to the next in the series."

- Library Journal

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Customer Reviews

SandiSwimme ,

Boca Knights

This book is several years old but is still very timely as it addresses bigotry and hatred in our country that is sadly still ongoing.

Boca Knights is deadly serious, campy, and fun all at the hands of memorable characters led by our beloved Eddie S (very important middle initial) Perlmutter.

Can’t wait to see what he is up to next!

Sandi O

zz2549 ,

Boca Knights

Hard to follow plot line, frequently put on hold while the author inserts an instructional few pages on subjects as diverse as the foster system, computer-generated images, or the history of Haiti. There’s something for everyone, just not enough to make a point. Random sex, cartoon bullies, and caricatures of characters. I just don’t know how to sum this up.

NotBrightEnough ,

Almost fun read

Could have been a fun read if it wasn't so preachy. Also helps a lot if reader loves everything Boston.

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