Body Transformation My Way Body Transformation My Way

Body Transformation My Way

Excuses don’t shed pounds. Change your mindset and lose weight.

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    • $9.99

Publisher Description

"Quinta Alaboh Mancho PharmD. (Dr.Qam) might hold many titles as the multifaceted individual that she is, but at the core of it all is the innate desire she has for helping others. She has been a Doctor of Pharmacy for over 24 years. She is also a Certified Vegan Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach and Personal Life Coach 

Dr. Qam is also a Professional Counsellor for Sexual Abuse victims and does advocacy geared at helping women and men who have experienced sexual abuse of any kind. Some of Dr. Qam’s other interests include traveling, exercising, and reading. She has also been a contestant for the Mrs. Colorado state pageant on many different occasions.

“As a runner, marathon runner, and a physician who offers holistic medicine, I am passionate about preventative medicine. Dr. Q outlined in her book how she has sustained a lifestyle of eating the right food and exercises in her home environment. She explained how this change in lifestyle has helped her and many others in the community lose weight and keep it off, tone up her body, and feel energetic and optimistic about life.”  Dr. Linus Akamangwa, MD Family practice physician Charis Medical Clinic Colorado Springs, CO

“As a medical doctor, I am impressed by Dr. Mancho’s natural phenomenon of weight loss. She shares in this book the necessary steps needed to achieve results. She shares a system that is safe, simple, and effective over time.” Lt. Col. Nelson K. Aweh, MD, MBBS, Ed.M, SFS

Flight surgeon, U.S. Air Force

“My good friend Dr. Mancho has come a long way from size 24 to size 6 within 3 years and it is rewarding to see her passionately sharing her story with others. What makes this book not only an excellent but inspirational and life-changing is the openness of the author. Dr. Mancho shares candidly about her past, personal struggles, and how she pulled herself together and took back her health.”  Elizabeth Tayem, MS President, DITAWA  "

"Family betrayal is the ultimate

wound that stings more than all others because it breaks a sacred code. It doesn’t only r p your heart into a million little pieces, but it also darkens your soul. The pain of  family betrayal is never forgotten and lingers like a fog in the depths of your soul.

For  all  the  modern-day  Abels,  Josephs,  Jephthahs,  Hagers, Ishmaels, Hoseas, and Tamars, I pray that your family betrayals, broken bonds, and unresolved differences reap the timely fruits of redemption, forgiveness, and healing in Jesus’ name. Amen!"

Young Adult
March 20

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