Bodyguard to the Billionaire

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It was supposed to be a simple job, but nothing is ever simple.

Just a couple weeks in the Winston Isles, where no one knows that I’m a royal knight. Turns out, I’m a dead ringer for the billionaire Lord Arlington. Acting as his double should have been the easiest money I’ve ever made--until someone tries to kill me.

Since I’m still pretending to be a lord, I have no choice but to hire a smart mouthed, tight assed bodyguard. She’s the last thing I need. But she’s quickly becoming the only thing I want.

She’s determined, clever, and smart-mouthed. She’s the perfect woman.

And she has no idea I’m an imposter.

Good thing I have no intention of falling for her, or else I’d be royally screwed.

(This is Book 1 of the Billionaire duet. Zia and Theo's story continues in The Billionaire's Secret.)

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What others are saying about Bodyguard to the Billionaire:

“Nana Malone has mad skill in writing a sexy, mysterious and royal romance. This is like a special trope for her. Bodyguard to the Billionaire carries the same yet different special flavor. It was sinfully sexy. It was nail-chewing heart-pumping suspense. It was a complete entertainment package.” PP's Bookshelf Blog


“Bodyguard to the Billionaire was fun, sexy and a little intense with characters you just can’t help but love and a story that’ll capture you from the very first page.”  Two Bookish Brits 

“The characters are witty, sassy, intriguing ... and all that can be hoped for in a romantic comedy.” Malimor86, Goodreads Reviewer 

“This is a genius book and storyline and I couldn’t put it down from start to finish.” Millennial Book Life Crisis 

“In my opinion, if you are a Nana Malone fan, I would recommend the series.” Dawn, Goodreads Reviewer 

“This is a must read summer book!” Kathleen, Goodreads Reviewer 

“Bare with me y'all because I just finished this book and I normally read a book twice before I leave a review but I just had to hop over to Goodreads to tell y'all this book is a "Must Read Summer Banger".” Millie, Goodreads Reviewer 

“This is a fun, flirty story with cameo appearances from Team Winston Isles and Royal Elite and the right amount of heat and heart.” Cindy, Goodreads Reviewer 

“Nana Malone writes romantic royalty books like no other and this book is one of her finest.” BP34, Goodreads Reviewer 

“Nana Malone did a great job building this world and believable characters who inhabit it.” Not Now I’m Reading 

“Yet another amazing book from Nana Malone!” Nicki, Goodreads Reviewer 

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    Sankofa Girl

    Customer Reviews

    LisaHines711 ,

    Review: Billionaire Duet 1: Bodyguard to the Billionaire

    Bodyguard to the Billionaire by Nana Malone is the first book in The Billionaire Duet. This story of a cousin to King sebastian and a Royal Knight is a small step away from the palace and into the penthouse of Billioanire Derrick Arlington.

    All is not as it seems in the Arlington household. Meet Theo, a Derrick lookalike who has to BE Derrick for the next thirty days and is under a tight contract to not say a word about his true identity to anyone under any circumstances. This makes life so much more difficult when he has to hire a bodyguard on his King's orders. A beautiful woman he already has had one encounter with, is desperate for more, is now his capable bodyguard. Shame she can only know him as Derrick...

    Zia Barnes is a capable and competent member of the Royal Elite team and is itching for more field work. An itch she instantly regrets when she realizes her new charge is the beautiful grey eyed man from the night of the wedding. Can she keep him safe and keep her heart out of the equation?

    Nana Malone is a must-read author for me. Her royal duets are addictive and intoxicating. I literally cannot get enough of the Winstone Isles and the royal family, Royal Elite and friends. Loved this. Ends on a cliffhanger, told in dual POV. Enjoy!

    Samantha B. Sokol ,

    WOW I am so into this book!

    WOW I am so into this book! At first I thought it was the typical billionaire love story, but I was so wrong and I’m so happy for it! Derrick approaches Theo with an offer that he can’t resist – pretend to be him for a month and he will make enough money to launch his career and take care of his mother. A no brainer, Theo takes the offer after coercing from his best friend, but once he arrives nothing goes as planned. What is supposed to be a low-key month turns into a nightmare when someone attempts to kidnap Theo and knows his actual identity! In comes Zia, who saves him once and then becomes his personal bodyguard, which we all know always turns into something more. But as the mystery of where Derrick really is becomes known, Zia’s world is turned upside down on who is who and who she can believe. This is a genius book and storyline and I couldn’t put it down from start to finish. And the cliffhanger?! I almost threw it across the room because I HAD to know the answers. Can’t wait for the next book to do that!
    I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

    JustNicole19 ,

    Returning to the Winston Isles

    Do you like hot billionaire look-a-likes? Strong & sexy lady bodyguards? Do you love the Winston Isles? This book is for you! We return to the balmy, beautiful Winston Isles to check in on our favorite Royals, meet some new faces, and try to figure out Who Dun It? Royal Intrigue, Mystery, and Sass all wrapped up into one neat gift of a story from Nana Malone.

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