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Nadya Montgomery was Boho Beach’s own personal wild child. There was nothing she wouldn’t do, especially when it came to Grady Havens. Until disaster struck and tore them apart. Desperate to protect Grady, she ran away from everything and everyone she’d ever known.

Fourteen years later, Nadya returns to the beach to try to rebuild some semblance of her life out of her ex-husband’s shadow, but that means returning to her past and seeing Grady Havens again. 

Now a charter boat Captain constantly trying to put his past behind him, Grady doesn’t know what to make of Nadya’s return. All he knows is she was always meant to be his, and he intends to make his claim. He wants her back in his life and most certainly back in his bed. 

When his entire family is threatened, he’s caught between rekindling his relationship with Nadya and protecting what belongs to him. 

Together they try to rebuild what always should have been, but their pasts are determined to keep them ensnared. As passions ignite between them, they realize that even Grady may not be able to keep her safe this time.

August 25
Realm Press
Jill Richardson Neal

Customer Reviews

Gabby C. B. ,

Brilliantly written and HOT AS HELL!

I've read all the books thus far in this series and this book is my favorite! I love this series, but Grady and Nad just took it up a notch (or 12)! Holy intense love scenes! There is no doubt that the electricity between these two is off the charts.

Grady and Nadya have a very long history. They were the best of friends as children and then fell in love as teenagers. An unexpected turn of events when they were teens resulted in Nadya running away. Over a decade later, Nadya finds herself returning to Gypsy Beach, where she grew up. Running into Grady, who never left Gypsy Beach, was only a matter of time. Once they were face to face again after all this time apart, they immediately realized that the fire still ran hot between them. However, they were both a little worried of getting burned. Their reconnection sizzles and you really feel the chemistry between them. An unexpected yet wonderful twist in this story is the suspense and mystery element that weaves throughout. There are several forces trying to get in the way of Grady and Nadya's rekindling. I could not put this book down!

MikkaJane ,

New Beginnings!

I just finished Gypsy Heat. It was Fabulous. It has humor. It has sadness. It has action. Everything that I love in a book. Most of all though, the parts where they are together without anyone else in the room is the most exciting. It will rock your world, not to mention your mind. Jillian Neal is a very talented writer. Without giving too much of the book away, I will say it has a great happily ever after. It is a must read.

Nadya is broken and needs to find her way back to being who she is in the world. Surviving a broken and abusive marriage, she finds herself running back to the home she grew up in as a child. Running away from home at the age of sixteen, she finds herself dreading going home 14 years later. Facing her past and trying to heal so that she can have peace and a future that will allow her to be who she is meant to be once more, Nadya makes her way back to Gypsy Beach.

Grady is the boy Nadya ran away from 14 years ago. No longer a boy but a hardworking man, Grady is determined to give Nadya her space when he finds out she has returned to Gypsy Beach. But much to his chagrine, that is not seeming to be in the plans for the Gypsy Fates. For Gypsy Magic is infused on every grain of sand and in his and Nayda's souls. They are meant to be together like two magnets drawn together by that magic.

Believing that they are ready to be together, they recognize right off that they should never have separated all those years ago. Grady and Nadya decide to put it back together again with some speed bumps along the way. First Grady's brother Beau is accused of theft. And then Nadya's ex-husband decides to show up to get her back.

I will leave the rest of the mystery to you. Read it. Love it. Laugh and cry with the characters like I did. Enjoy!

V5.4=Epic Fail ,

Sweet, Sexy & Satisfying

What a sweet & sexy story. I enjoyed the richness of the details, the depth of the characters, the little glimpses into the secondary characters. The "hero" Grady is a real man; undeniably sexy and physical, perfect in his own imperfect way. He's a very capable man who is somewhat haunted by a life event (no spoilers here!) that rendered him incapable as a teenager. Love the dichotomy that exists within Grady. He shared that life event with Nadya, the "heroine" of Gypsy Heat. Nadya is an irresistible mixture of mature woman, sassy chick, mystical gypsy and wounded girl. Together Grady and Nadya find each other again and work towards their Happy Ever After (HEA). And mercy, what a hot, sexy time they have! The beauty of Jillian Neal's novels is in the journey her characters take in finding their HEA. Rarely predictable, always satisfying, Gypsy Heat delivers.

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