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A riveting and intelligent thriller that stretches from L.A. to Istanbul, from the Middle Ages to today — perfect for fans of Dan Brown, Steve Berry, and James Rollins.

In London to address a UN conclave on preserving the world’s greatest historical treasures, LAPD art-theft chief Zander Blake is pulled into the murder investigation of the conference’s keynote speaker, a Harvard archaeologist. The trail quickly leads to Istanbul and the professor’s surprising connection to a recent terror attack against American sailors, triggering a national-security nightmare for Washington. Disregarding CIA threats to drop his inquiry, Blake is soon embroiled in a diplomatic intrigue that threatens to ignite a new holy war—should the professor’s fatal mission come to light.

“Read it in one day, as it carries you on a roller coaster from start to finish. Perfect for holidays or to keep you going on a global flight!”

“…a breathless ride, loaded with hairpin turns, booby traps, and surprises galore. Great fun to be had as the pages whiz by.”

“Bombs and Believers is certainly a page turner.... The twist of the plot, resolving an ancient mystery, is reminiscent of Dan Brown and other well paid thriller writers. It wouldn’t be surprising to me to see Ken Sonenclar’s books in the near future on every airport book rack around the world. Sometimes we all just need that escapism only a thriller can provide.”

Fiction & Literature
February 8
Tunix Books
Ken Sonenclar

Customer Reviews

Tonybove ,

Chasing Athena From London to Istanbul

Great read! I enjoyed the details of the underground trade in precious items of antiquity. It's as fast-paced as an Indiana Jones movie and as thought-provoking as a Dan Brown story. Especially interesting for those who love art and museums, Greek and Turkish history, and Balkan politics. Recommended.

Mercury2wo ,

Half baked and disjointed

I like a good read with terrorists, ancient secrets, treasure hunts and decoding ancient texts. All the more if these are all interlinked. That's I thought this book promised.

Instead I got a silly legend, a half baked plot, the terrorists thrown in as an afterthought and a treasure hunt that is not fascinating or meticulous.
And oh! A storyline filled with unnecessary events and details that don't tie add to the theme.