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When aliens arrive, they expect a warm welcome…

Posey Quinn has always believed there was more to the world than what she can see. So when she arrives in Stargazer with her head full of conspiracies and high-end hairspray, she isn’t entirely surprised to learn that instead of donating eggs for tuition money, she is being asked to make an alien fall in love with her, and become an ambassador for humankind. What she doesn’t expect is how irresistible Bond is, and how hard it will be not to lose her own heart to the man who plays her body like a violin.

Bond is on Earth to fill one human female with as much pleasure as she can bear, a mission he’s finding very agreeable. But he’s not here to fall in love. Tasked with using his powers of human seduction to glean what he can about Earth and its inhabitants, Bond knows that if the planet’s resources are worthy and its residents aren’t, his days of pleasing Posey will soon be at an end.

About the Stargazer Alien Brides series:

Known for its famous maple pancakes, the small Pennsylvania town that renamed itself Stargazer has constructed a huge radio transmitter dish that sends messages of welcome into the cosmos.

These gentlemen have been designed just for your pleasure. Consider them a hostess gift to the women of Earth.

Come to Stargazer, Pennsylvania for the pancakes. Stay for the boys.

Check out the sizzling Scifi Romance series from USA Today Bestseller Tasha Black:

Collection 1 focuses on three couples in a small Pennsylvania town, featuring Bond, Rocky and Magnum.

Collection 2 follows the story to a resort in the Catskills where three new couples meet and features Kitt, Remington and Indiana.

Collection 3 continues the adventure with three new couples in a small-town police academy, featuring Lobo, Conan and Hawkeye.

September 26
13th Story Press
Steven C. Voelker

Customer Reviews

Kimbo1216 ,


Started off interesting. But fell off with the weird vigil anti stuff and the fake Mennonite story. Just couldn’t keep going. Lose Earl and the Mennonite tag, redirect the story, and it would be much better. I don’t buy the “it’s okay he shot at people because everyone loves him” line. And why pretend to be a religion? Instead make the whole town in on the mating thing. It would be much more interesting imo.

Bubblebutt18 ,

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Ladylynx216 ,

Had fun reading this book

Other than a few minor spell checks (misspelled words) this is a fun book

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