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Our dependence on being connected and always-on has created a mindset for instantaneous results and our lifestyles have suffered as a consequence.  In this increasingly technological world, we have lost our appreciation for nature, distancing ourselves from tranquil and mindful activities.  If you are drifting towards this point then stop -  reconnect - and discover - what is generally known as the art of bonsai.  Whether you live in a city apartment or urban townhouse, it is not difficult to embrace this captivating art form.  A form of art and garden that captures that same alluring and essential force which you find when looking at Impressionist art.  In this book, you will discover that growing bonsai trees does not require a big backyard and you won’t need to invest a lot of spare time or money,  unless of course you want to.  This 51 page book in landscape format, contains over 230 original photographs of which 194 photos are embedded within 14 picture galleries, providing extensive detail and descriptive notes on the practices involved in developing your own sapling nursery, and ultimately shaping your own bonsai trees.  Pruning,  Wiring,  Repotting, Soils and Watering are all discussed in individual sections of this book along with associated topics on  Moss Gardening,  Winterizing Techniques and Growing Indoors (re. Table of Contents screenshot).   Additional sections have been added to help you explore the topics of:

Biodiversity and how to naturally combat insects and fungal pests

- Balcony Planting and bonsai survival techniques. 

To obtain  full enjoyment out of  Bonsai & Balcony from saplings to trees,  I encourage you to follow the techniques and guidelines within this book and enjoy the mindfulness that comes from developing your own sapling and bonsai collection.

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July 28
Craig L. Hunter
Craig Lindsay HUNTER

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