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Welcome to the eBook edition of the Book of Common Prayer produced by Church Publishing, Inc. This version of the BCP contains the complete content of the authorized Book of Common Prayer 1979. Fully searchable and featuring a built-in Table of Contents, this eBook BCP was designed to make content accessible on mobile devices and tablets. Because eBooks are designed to re-flow the text according to the size of the screen of your mobile device, designing an eBook to maintain the exact page layout and page numbers of the print edition is neither possible nor desirable. As such, the layout of the content may be different depending on the device you are using.

These eBooks give Episcopalians easy access to the Book of Common Prayer, making it as close as your tablet or eBook reader. I’m delighted that Church Publishing is responding to the needs of the church in this way. –Ruth Meyers, Dean of Academic Affairs and Hodges-Haynes Professor of Liturgics at Church Divinity School of the Pacific

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September 1
Church Publishing Inc.
Church Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

JediKKnight ,

Pretty good

I really like how the font size can be adjusted larger; which Works best in portrait mode. For those upset by the line alignment, I highlighted my parts, which made it easier to read and not loose my place. Hopefully that can be fixed in updates... But I really like this book and find it helpful to my spiritual discipline as well as my chaplain duties.

Ansk ,

Do yourself a favor and do not buy!

Seriously. This was a waste of money. I've got a perfectly fine pdf of the BCP that is far better. The fonts and spacing and formatting are not anything like the print version and is, in my opinion, a great disappointment to me. I'm giving this two stars [instead of one], because the other Church Publishing material [namely the hymnals] are quite good. I use the hymnals in worship all the time, but will not use this version of the BCP. I've got the BCP on pdf [yes, I purchased it] and i then emailed that to my iPad and opened it in Books and it looks great!
Save yourself the money and email your paid-for pdf version to your iPad.

hughmahon ,

Negatives Outweigh Anything Positive

I bought the eBook version of the Book of Common Prayer to use at church, especially for the Daily Office. There is a "disclaimer" in the iBook Store blurb for the BCP about how the eBook format deviates from the print version — as if this is a good thing. It's not, for corporate worship, where everyone, whether digitally or in print, should be able to be on the same page.

Search is nice. Bookmarks, where they work, are helpful. But typographically, the eBook version is a mess throughout. The Table of Contents should be collapsable/expandable. As it is, the ToC goes on and on and on and on. Bookmarking does not work within the Psalter, where it would be really helpful. Spacing shown in the print version between certain verses of the Psalms is absent in the eBook, which is a problem because our community observes the spacing within and between the Psalms with a pause. I quickly reverted to the print version and very rarely use the BCP eBook.

Because the BCP has been digitized as an eBook apparently without much concern about how formatting inconsistencies affect its usability for "common prayer," I cannot recommend it, and I am reluctant to purchase any other digital editions that Church Publishing apparently throws up on the iBook Store just to make a buck.

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