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The Book of Satanic Magic contains powerful Rites, Rituals, Conjurations, Spells and Invocations used by those who worship Satan. This book also contains the Theology of Darkness of the Left Hand Path and Demonic Invocations.

Religion & Spirituality
June 29
Loki/Speckbohne Publishing
Warren Alford

Customer Reviews

Smörgåstårta ,


Very useful for new members of Satanism. It provides much insight into rituals and how to make them most effective

Suzie the dark one ,

Book of the black magic

I like this book as I will it to do as I wish and will help me finding the correct spells needed for those who have wronged me. I've been wronged by too many people and have now turned myself over to satan for guidance in protecting myself and making others suffer for what they've done. I will keep up my pursuit in finding and learning all the incantations I need and I think this bible is the best place to start. Satan come to me and help me please!i will study the entire book and do as it says and will learn so much from this and expect to find other literature to help me find my way to vengeance. Satan is the only one that can help me with this I truly believe that. I used to practice Wicca but now I want to learn and use all the knowledge I can from this book to protect me and put others in their place and have them fear me and convince them that the devil is with me and alive and well. Satan help me and use me anyway you can so that we may obtain our mutual goals together. Help me for which I most desire and learn to become your servant and become a dark one as well. A dark witch so to speak and do your bidding in return. Please show me the way to achieving these goals! I can be your temple! Take me into your fold and show me and others of my potential!

Airborne rigger ,

Helped me get started

I've always looked for a way to learn more about being a satanist. This book helped me in the right direction.

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