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Do you love a good book? Of course you do otherwise you won't be reading this description. Bookstore in the Box is your one stop for finding thousands of good and completely free stories. Bookstore in the Box shows you:
•Where to read books from the classics to comics for free.
•A website that the reader can use to find out whether a library has the book, DVD, CD on its shelves even without the reader leaving his or her computer.
•Find old time radio dramas that feature classic entertainers such as Jack Benny and Burns and Allen as well as new audio dramas such as Supper Human Times and Shadow Falls.
•Need statistics, facts or figures? Book store in a Box Has those too. Available to the reader is a complete reference section ready to use at the click of a mouse. From Census data to information on pirates and much more.
•Every wanted to take a class at Yale, Harvard or one of the many colleges offering video lectures online. Here is your chance. Learn everything from US History to the Psychology of Food and everything in between. There are thousands of fascinating classes including, one med school lecture complete with a neat but gross video lecture on the dissection of the brain.
•Maybe it's a skill you're looking for like how to do someone's hair in a French Bun or how to make fondant roses. From the usual to the not so usual skills, Bookstore in a Box has what you’re looking for.
•Do you love the first amendment? The author does, so Bookstore in a Box has a section on censorship. The section covers what books have been censored covering the when, why, where and how.
So come one come all the bookstore is now open.

Computers & Internet
January 14
Chris Mason
Smashwords, Inc.

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