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Motorcycle deputy, Sadie Lazar is no damsel in distress. After all, the only man capable of getting a job done is a woMAN. She loves her life of independence. But when she is on scene at a mass car pile-up and finds a missing child, a pair of piercing blue eyes changes her world.

Widower, single-dad, Dr. Ryan Montgomery is in over his head. It's been four years since his wife's death and his former mother-in-law refuses to let him move on. When he finally starts dating, an accident makes him realize that dating a cop could put him right back in a world of grief and loss--a place he barely survived the first time around.

Now, two people who are used to saving others are forced to save themselves: one from a lonely future and one from a broken past.

June 4
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Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,


This is the first book in a spin-off of the Iron Orchids series. Sadie is realativly new to being a motors deputy, but she has been on the force for years. She has a great group of female friends who are also part of the police department. She first meets Ryan at the scene of an accident. He is a widower and single father, as well as an E.R. doctor. After their first interaction fate brings them together again when Sadie helps his daughter. Will they be able to begin a relationship with the demands of their jobs and other responsibilities or will outside forces end them before they even have a chance to begin? There were a few places where the writing seemed a little choppy and confusing and I felt like I was missing something, but overall a good read.

Donbon004 ,

Read this book!

If there were six stars for a rating, I would give this a six. Oh my goodness, the Walmart scene was so fun. Great characters.

L.g.Texas ,

Most entertaining

This book has it all. Dry well written. Love the characters. So many parts I laughed until I had tears and then there were parts that made you feel the heartache and frustration that affected Sadie and Ryan. The character of Callie was spot on for a 6 year old. The author nailed it for drama, romance, and drama. Easily one of the best books I’ve read this year. Could not put it down and just downloaded two more from this series.

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