Bored Guys: A Couple of Bored Guys Get Cross Dressed and Turn into Fully Feminized, Sissy F****t, Tranny Sluts‪.‬

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Publisher Description

All guys get bored sometimes right?

What if you were always bored with your personal life? What if all the girls you met wanted commitment, and kids, and all the things you didn’t? What could you and your best friend, and roommate, come up with to do? Could you find something that would let you never worry about having a date, or girlfriend again? Something that would give you entertainment and excitement for the rest of your life? Something that would allow you to have a friend with benefits always available? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

What if that something challenged your creative abilities, beliefs of what a man is and opened a new door to sensuality and sexuality? Could you do it?

What would be the price? Could you pay it? Would you be a real man that could face the changes required and the fears you‘d have? Would it ruin your friendship with your best buddy, or make it better by tearing down walls, breaking paradigms, and opening up new intimacy between you both? Could you not be afraid to keep it hidden from work and friends, like you would definitely have to? Would your ego be able to take your new label?

Experience what a couple of bored guys did to make their life more interesting. Feel what they felt when they dove headfirst into the steamy, hot world of cross dressing and feminization when they decided to make themselves into the perfect avatars of women. Feel the sensations when they first dressed and got fully feminized. Live their experiences when they realized they were becoming sissy f****t sluts that couldn’t stop satisfying other men - tranny babes that use male chastity devices, the way cuckolds and their hot wives do, to keep their cuckolded males libido high and prevent the inevitable release. Transvestites that were so dedicated to becoming perfect in their transformation, that they didn’t miss a thing and transformed so well, that real men desired them and fantasized over them, along with other things, over them, on them, and in them, in the process.

When their good time is over will they revert to what they were, or will they forever be changed into submissive feminized sissy f****t sluts by their experiences into the sensual and sexual lives they created for themselves?

Be a real man. See if you could take on the challenge of a lifetime; break all of your old views of what makes a man and what makes a great life. Don’t have the guts? That’s okay. That’s what fiction is for. Read about it and dream about it, in this highly explicit, X-rated for adults only, tale not of forced feminization, but willing male feminization, done by men that chose to. About 26,000 words and 110 or so pages of bored guys becoming hot, sexy, shemale sluts.

“I read this to increase my libido, and just to stay on the edge. It’s better than just looking at pictures, since words form much better images in your mind and you can feel the sensations. This was an exciting read. I plan to read more of Deloto and Newgen’s hot work.” - Anonymous Cross Dresser

“This paints a dream come true to have a roommate, or best friend, like this and be able to delve into this socially unacceptable, but highly erotic experience with them. It may not be possible to find someone like that all the time, but it sure is fun to think about it.“ - Anonymous Sissy F****t

“After I read this, I shaved my whole body so I could feel what they did when I got fem. I went shopping and it was a lot harder to buy everything, and get it to look decent, than it was for them, but it s till felt great. Clothes really do make the man...Hot.”- Anonymous Previously Bored Guy.

“My hot wife makes me read Deloto and Newgen’s books since I’m her cuckold. She makes read Deloto and Newgen’s books on the days before her boyfriends come to the house when I have to dress up all feminine, and wear my cage while she makes them happy. It does help get me in the mood pretty good.” - Anonymous Cuckolded Sissy

Fiction & Literature
March 19
Barbara Deloto
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jah Thomas ,

Stimulating erotica

Ravenous. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this exciting, stimulating crossdressing erotica. I was leaking in every chapter.

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