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Addresses some of the questions raised by Christians with same-sex attraction. 

As a Christian who experiences same-sex attraction, is it possible to live a life that's both faithful and fulfiling? Rachel Gilson wants to show you that it is and that it's not just a case of limping to the finish line, it's possible to run the race with joy. 

In this powerful and personal book, she describes her own unexpected journey of coming out and coming to faith... and what came next. As she does so, she addresses many of the questions that Christians living with same-sex attraction are wrestling with: Am I consigned to a life of loneliness? How do I navigate my friendships? Will my desires ever change? Is there some greater purpose to all this? What comes next, and next, and next?

Drawing on insights from the Bible and the experiences of others, Born Again This Way provides assurance and encouragement for Christians with same-sex attraction, and paints a compelling picture of discipleship for every believer. 

Whatever your sexuality, this book is an inspiring testimony of how a life submitted to Jesus will be fulfilling and fruitful, but not always in the ways we might expect.

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March 1
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Customer Reviews

stephengbynum ,

Outstanding! Her work speaks for itself.

I’m not going to lie - I bought and read “Born Again This Way” with a twofold purpose: 1 to prove Gilson wrong, or 2 to find truth. And I was desperately hoping for the first. Having grown up a Christian, and living the past 7 years as a non-religious gay male, I wanted nothing more than to be able to find instance after instance of over-simplifications and generic platitudes that would indicate she was super-duper wrong. But I struggled greatly to find anything, rather, I was divinely convinced by her testimony, as well as Gilson’s arguments.

Gilson makes her argument with some key Points being (Spoilers!):
1. The Bible as a whole proclaims and supports marriage as between only a man and a woman, as God designed.
2. Same-sex attractions, albeit naturally occurring, are a result of the fall of creation (Genesis 3).
3. Overcoming same-sex attractions is to be led by Christ, it is restoration and reconciliation to God’s intended design for humans.

There is SO MUCH more in her work than my simple bullet points, but this is a rough sketch. “Born Again This Way” will remain one of the most consequential and influential books I’ve read both in 2020 and in the last 10 years. It’s THAT good, and that impactful.