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He challenged her sanity. 

She shattered his reality. 

They dared each other to the brink of madness.

A dark and twisted maze awaits criminal psychologist London Noble when she falls for her patient, convicted serial killer, Grayson Pierce Sullivan. As she unravels the traps, her sanity tested with each game, she's forced to acknowledge the true evil in the world around her.

*Trigger warning: confined spaces. Serial killers.

September 19
Trisha Wolfe
Trisha Wolfe

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Annmric8 ,

Testing the limits of love

Testing the limits of love in this forbidden taboo dark story between a convicted killer and a psychologist. They have a sick and twisted type of love.
Trisha ponders these questions: Are killers born or are killers fashioned by the circumstances in life? What kind of person sees killers as redeemable?

Characters: criminal psychologist London Noble and convicted serial killer Grayson Pierce Sullivan. The story has alternating points of view between these two characters offering insight into the reasonings for certain behavioral reactions.

Story: The hunter selected his next prey tracking her moves and ticks waiting for the opportunity to strike. The psychologist questions and probes into the psyche of a man who was convicted of killing nine individuals. She wants to understand why an individual chooses to kill while he is interested in dissecting her mind.
Two can play at the same game. It seemed like the roles were reversed. Grayson became the psychologists studying his victim while London focused on reasons of how and why he hunts. Both want answers to questions that will give purpose to their time together.

London wanted to study murderers delving deep into their psyche to determine the cause and then decide if they can be rehabilitated. London’s expertise is with serial killers and rehabilitating them. London became a psychologist to study the minds of killers.

Grayson’s character is very much like Dexter in the way he directs his impulses for abusive behavior.

Overall: An unconventional relationship between a criminal and a psychologist. It’s unethical to cross this type of line, yet the pull for curiosity is too strong. It’s exquisite how Trisha cross examines her characters. Her writing style is well thought out and methodical. Once again I can tell she spent a great deal of time researching criminals and psychologists. The behaviors are well documented.
This is so inappropriate and wrong, yet I love every bit of it. The more they resist the more I crave. It’s deliciously wicked. They are sick and twisted individuals who thrive off of the forbidden desires.

I felt like Trisha wrote her dissertation about individuals who desire sex with murderers. The danger of being vulnerable under the hands of a killer while in the throws of ecstasy. Like minded monsters seek understanding from those that are infected with the sickness. Trisha found the gray area in murder. As long as the individual is in a field of law they can legally kill in the protection of the public. However, if an individual chooses to disregard the law and play judge, jury, and executioner without the law protecting them then they are sentenced. Yet, both are removing bad individuals from the streets. This Crazy dilemma is fascinating. The way she presented the information and directed the characters was masterful.

The coffin scene reminded me of a CSI episode. This was a chilling thrilling story with unexpected twists and turns. Another memory comes to mind from the movie Saw where keys are involved.

I just realized after reading 4 books by Trisha that I like the forbidden taboo story’s regarding disturbing characters who have a brokenness in them.

ILoveBooksTX ,

Born, Darkly

I love romance novels but haven’t read many of this type. OMG I could not stop reading this series! I was sucked in from the beginning. Love love love this series! Great read highly recommend.

jakia1219 ,

Loved it!

This story was so good and kept me anticipating what was next to come!

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