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She didn’t want him home. He didn’t want to be there. Finally something they could agree on. 

Ben Sumner should have been on top of the world. His company was on the verge of going public, a move that would make him richer than God. His best friend was getting married (translation: he’d have his pick of hot bridesmaids for the weekend — and only the weekend).

Life was good.

Instead, he was called home for the first time in nearly ten years to bury his father — a loss he had yet to deal with and had no idea how to process. Worse still, his parents had leveraged the family land and his childhood home to build a lodge that was too big for his mother to run on her own. But there was one thing Ben knew one thing about running a successful business —remove the emotions. 

His plan was simple. Cut his mother’s outlandish pet projects, pay off the loan, and head back to his life in Seattle in a few months. It was a solid strategy.

Until she walked in.


Maggie Lawrence — the untouchable beauty queen in high school who never even knew he existed was now the manager at his family’s lodge. She noticed him now. He made sure of it. She was hell bent on keeping him from cutting his mother’s budget. Maggie was about to learn he was no longer the shy, quiet boy from high school.

He was used to being the boss.

She was used to being in charge.

What could possibly go wrong?

This book was previously published as His Frenemy

Born to be My Baby, Book 1 (Ben and Maggie)

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Thank You for Loving Me, Book 3 (Max and Devlin)

With These Two Hands, Book 4 (Aaron and Kayleigh)

I'll Be There for You, Book 5 (Jake and Lina)

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January 30
RMI Publishing LLC
RMI Publishing LLC

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Montanafilly73 ,

Ben and Maggie

Loved this story!! The healing they both had to go through because of their fathers was so real that the reader could put themselves in their shoes. It was a wonderful story.

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