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Dr. Rollan Roberts II dynamically describes the recipe for making the most amount of money possible and reaching your maximum level of success in the shortest period of time in Born to be Rich. Born to be Rich teaches its readers how to think about wealth, riches, and success and exactly who they must become, or continue being, in order to attract financial riches into their life.
This book is excellent for entrepreneurs and business owners on building and growing a successful enterprise. People can learn how to be rich just as they can learn a profession, and their education begins with Born to be Rich.
Dr. Roberts shares his story of how he grew up in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. Although he was surrounded with mental and financial poverty, he decided early on that his reality did not equal his destiny. With an unwavering determination and commitment to excellence, he graduated college with his Bachelor's degree in 5 semesters while working full time jobs to pay his own way! After finishing up his first year of college and starting with nothing at 18, he became a millionaire shortly after graduating college at the age of 21. After losing everything shortly thereafter, he fought back to enjoy years of success in corporate America and has started several successful businesses. He is an internationally renowned, best-selling author, speaker, and TV personality. He has founded and/or led several nutraceutical, biotech, direct sales and technology organizations that experienced significant exponential global growth. He is a recognized industry expert in the biotech, nutraceutical and direct sales industry. He holds a Doctorate degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship, holds two patents (the 90 Day Race Formula and Automated Call and SMS Greetings), was a state Senate candidate in 2012, and continues to bring hope to millions of people around the world through various products, services, speeches, and interviews.

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March 1
Dr. Rollan Roberts II
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