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Sixteen years ago, he disappeared from her life. Now, he’s the only one who can protect her.

Today’s he’s a member of Elite Force Security, but sixteen years ago he belonged to one of the wealthiest families in Connecticut. Following his father’s conviction for investment fraud, Connor Anderson left behind his privileged life and everyone associated with it, including Becca André. All that changes the morning she sits down next to him inside a busy D.C. café and asks him to lunch. 

For the past four years Becca has worked in Washington, D.C., where the greatest physical threat she faces each day is a paper cut. However, everything changes when Becca’s stepsister goes missing and someone tries to kidnap her. Now, the only person she can rely on is her long-ago summer fling, Connor. A man she never forgot and the one she’s falling in love with again.

Despite the women who’ve passed through his life, Becca is the only one Connor’s ever truly cared about. And he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

But will it be enough?

July 24
Christina tetreault
Christina Tetreault

Customer Reviews

enj0yl!f3 ,

Born to Protect

A well written book with a happy ever after type ending. While I liked this book, the characters and the suspense were good, in my opinion the book should have had a more encompassing ending. Suspenseful subplots were glossed over without the details to put closure to the how and why of things.

I’ve read other books by this author but, for this book, I’m sorry I just can’t give it a five star review.

sbsbrinson ,

Loved this!

Sweet and sexy romance with a hero mixed in. A chance meeting brings two old classmates together. The story of a Connor and Becca and the betrayal of Becca’s sister and the danger she is put in makes for a great story!

NannahC ,

Disappointing Ending

NON-SPOILERS REVIEW: The idea for the book is good, but the writing doesn’t execute the vision well. For the majority of the book, the story seems to be leading towards a huge, intense conflict that will expose this illegal scheme, but the ending falls completely flat. Romance novels aren’t meant to be suspense novels, but the way the ending is written offers absolutely no satisfaction at all to the situations the author set up, so for as much as I wanted to like this book, I can’t. :(

SPOILERS REVIEW: I spent a large part of the book believing, based off of Dale’s POV, that Kassidy had maybe gotten caught up in something, but she was a victim in this mess. I was expecting a huge reveal, and even when Connor and Becca find Kassidy is a suspect, I thought for sure that was going to be flipped around as the truth came out. As it is, I don’t even know what the crime even WAS (was it just selling the top-secret info? If so, what was the info?), and I mostly don’t understand why Kassidy got caught up in it at all (what could her motivation have been?). I don’t mind the fact that Kassidy ended up being a perpetrator in the first place, but what keeps me from appreciating the story is that I a) don’t understand the significance of the crime in the first place or what exactly it was (details, author!) and b) I don’t understand Kassidy’s motives, or why Dale’s POV was so intent on getting back at her and finding Becca (unless Kassidy was going to sell the information without him?). I think this could have been done better, and I was disappointed by the ending. :(

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