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He had jacked it to full flying flag position and while Raul continued to pound her vagina she took in Dominick’s dick and sucked and licked on it for all she was worth. She loved that smell that erupted from their cocks when she applied her lips to their shaft, and she decided it had something to do with pheromones, that smell you’re not really conscious of, but drives you wild until you get a cock inside you somewhere and then her athletic body responded back humping and grasping them tight to her body. She clasped her legs tightly around Raul and held on for dear life as he pounded her hard and fast until she felt her vagina swell and grasp his cock like a vise. She rode him as one, they were in synchronicity and she sucked Dominick, biting him as she clamped down, licking and blowing as she created a vacuum around his dick.

What to do about Teddy though? She sought out his eyes as he stood as impassively as possible, fondling his cock, keeping it ready for his turn in the circle of love. He got the message quick and moved over to where Raul was f*****g her c**t and during one of his thrusts managed to push him down on his back so Dawn could straddle him now and leaving her a*****e exposed and easily accessible.

“Well, if it isn’t the crack of Dawn,” he managed to speak in a muffled tone and pulled her ass towards him.

Teddy ran his fingers through the creamy mess she and Raul were making together swirling his fingers in her shaved crotch and into her a*****e. He pushed first one finger, then another and then a third finger as he worked his tickling and probing fingers in and out as a rhythm to her f*****g Raul, until he positioned himself and plunged his cock inside her ass. The act suddenly filled an expanded, previously empty orifice and Raul couldn’t hold himself in as he felt the cock through the thin wall separating the vagina from the a*****e and he let go with his cum in a volcanic explosion, f*****g her as hard as he could, filling her pussy with his juices while Teddy was suddenly able to fully enter his huge cock inside her ass

Fiction & Literature
June 3
Lucia Perverse
Smashwords, Inc.

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