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She Got More Than She Bargained For....

Elizabeth is a student working in a dead-end hotel job to makes ends meet, but she dreams of a better life.

When she foolishly decides to shower in the penthouse bathroom of one of the hotel guests, it has consequences she did not expect.

"The Master" Books in the "Bought by the Billionaire" series make up a tale of Cinderella Erotic Romance, a Billionaire Alpha Male Master, a submissive woman, BDSM and bondage.

Readers of this tale risk shortage of breath, hot flushes and wet panties.

This Box Set contains the first six books of the series:

The Master's Maid
The Master's Contract
The Master's Courtesan
The Master's Desires
The Master's Fantasies
The Master's Obsession

Approx total 29,500 words

This book contains explicit content. Mature readers only.

Fiction & Literature
August 10
Coffee Break Erotica
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sweet- Paradise ,

Bought by the Millionaire- Box Set 1

Wow, love this series. Elizabeth and her Master has come along way from their shower scene. I love that he is very caring and find use for all types of people in his company. So to speaking offering Elizabeth a position that will help further her in her career is a blessing. I'm also, glad that Elizabeth doesn't takes advantage of the privileges she has, but instead finds herself wanting to please her Master(Richard). This in turns leaves her to end up falling for her Richard, who is honest to let her know that at the moment he do not share the same feelings, it is not ruling it out and accepts her love for him.

I do have to admit that I'm curious to see how long it's going to take for Elizabeth to inform her Master that Mack Kane is following/ stalking her?

Terri_999 ,


The “books” are short. It is not written well. It needs a complete rewrite. I can’t make myself finish this. If I could give negative stars. I would.

MarieCrupper2003 ,


I supposedly bought the boxed set of parts 1-6 and all it had was part three in it. So now in order to finish the stories I have to buy each piece individually. I'm not spending another two bucks per part when I've already paid for a boxed set. So I'm stuck not knowing how parts 4, 5, and 6 go. Very disappointing and irritating. I hate being cheated.

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