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This first installment of the "Playing the Game" series follows the relationship of Brendon and Suzie, first-time dominant and submissive. Theirs is a story plagued with anguish and subjugation as they each struggle to find themselves; from the thrills of power play to the depths of self-degradation.

They are both inexperienced in the roles they play and as this tragic relationship develops, Brendon and Suzie each realise they want more.

Will Suzie get the respect she deserves and will Brendon finally admit how important she has become?

BOUNCE DOWN EXCERPT: Copyright © 2014 Lorraine Loveit
“Trust me.”
He took hold of my hands and bringing my wrists together, tied them with the rope. He leaned towards me and with one finger, tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I shivered inwardly at his gentle touch, followed so soon after his dominating actions.
“Stay!” He turned his back on me and walked to the kitchen, then poured himself a glass of water. He drank it slowly as he leaned against the breakfast bar. Our eyes met, yet neither of us spoke. His movements were relaxed and unhurried. Once finished, he placed it on the sink and then slowly sauntered his way across the room. The image of a panther stalking its prey came to mind.
“How do you feel right now, one word answer?”
That was easy, in a word, “Vulnerable.”
“Better, it’s a step up from nervous. Are you feeling aroused, yes or no?”
It was hard to admit, especially with him standing over me like he was. “I don’t know....”
“Yes or no?”
After a brief pause, I confessed in a small voice, “Yes.”
“Good, come with me.” In a controlled movement he brought me to my feet. He held my bound hands in one of his and grabbed the paperwork with the other. He headed for the stairs, pulling me along behind him. He was forceful, yet took the steps at a slow pace so I didn’t stumble. It was an overwhelming experience, heightened by the fact he didn’t speak, nor once look back at me."

Fiction & Literature
May 30
Lorraine Loveit
Smashwords, Inc.

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BrittanyBAE13 ,


This story is not only hot and steamy but just beautifully written. Nothing felt too pushed or corny or cringy. I now need to finish this series!!

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