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<p>Bound and Submissive is the first short story collection from erotica author Nichole Rogue. The collection includes nine sexy M/F tales and one multiple partner story all portraying the BDSM lifestyle. Follow the adventures of Gabby and her dominant boyfriend, Lorenzo, as he teaches her how to take control of her life; meet Hannah, a spoiled rich girl who is taught some manners by a family friend while on vacation.

Raw Stability
Gabby feels like her life is falling apart as she and her boyfriend are constantly fighting and school keeps getting harder. So Gabby goes to see this guy, Lorenzo. He tells her that he can offer her stability with or without her boyfriend but it may be a bit more than she bargained for.

Raw Submission
Gabby and Lorenzo have been dating for a month. She thoroughly enjoys the discipline he is giving her and she relishes the release he gives her when she has earned it. They are starting to explore more sexual sides of dominance and submission and Gabby.

Wrong Side Of The Whip
Zooey and Archer aren't very well matched. She's in one of the best sorority's on campus and he's in one of the worst fraternities. No one can figure out the attraction between the two. What they don't know is Zooey and Archer's sex life is wild.

Forcing His Hand
Hannah and Dominick have never particularly gotten along. Their parents are friends, and they are all on a cruise to tropical island compliments of Hannah's father. While on the island, they are forced to share a hut. When Hannah discovers some bondage literature among Dominick's stuff and Dom catches her red handed, the heat gets turned up in a serious way.

Leather And Spice
Colton has been complaining that him and his girlfriend Teagan's sex life has gotten dry. Teagan doesn't know what he wants her to do about it. He jokes that she could dress up like a dominatrix and tie him up. The joke sticks in Teagan's mind and she starts to do some research.

Entering The Void
Tiger is a stripper everyone wants to see. One evening, however, her employer informs her that she has been called out to a private party for what seems like a pretty decent price. She meets the owner and reveals to him that she has never before participated in a BDSM session, but is interested in trying sometime.

New Guide To Anatomy &amp; Physiology
Jillian is a pre-med student who is infatuated with her biology professor, Joe. She meets him out one night at a bar and they get to talking. She is drunk and tells him that she's been bad and could use a good spanking. He tells her that she may be telling the wrong person that.

Showing Her The Ropes
Rylee, an attractive college student is depressed about her life. Her roommate Mandy decides to cheer her up. They dress in their sluttiest goth attire and go to a bondage club. There she spots Everett, who invites her to go to the back room to try a little experimentation.

Bound Desire
Piper's just coming to the end of her first year of college. She feels it's time to reveal the secret fantasy she's been harboring for years&mdash;the secret she's never had the nerve to tell to a single living soul. After an evening at a tiny romantic bistro, Piper finally summons up the courage to let Sawyer know of her yearnings.

Learning How To Beg
Sienna Albright loves her job. What she doesn't love is having to work with the other intern, Parker Kensington. One night, the weather deteriorates and Sienna loses control of the car during a blizzard, crashing down a steep embankment. Parker blames the whole situation on her and Sienna finally decides to take matters into her own hands.


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April 20

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