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Isla Gunnach

I am the daughter of royalty. A princess, if you will. But I have no interest in a prince to vanquish my dragons. I’m quite capable of doing that all by myself. I am, however, looking for my equal. A man who doesn’t simper at my feet, or try to use me to get to my father or my uncles. 

The problem is, when such a man crashes into my life, I find him to be insufferable and infuriating.

Arric Mann

I’m a nomad. I have no family, no home. Just a series of tragedies that have shaped the man I have become. When I find myself drawn to Scotland, I am propelled into a world I am not prepared for. One of ancient lore and fairy tales.

But I also find her. And she is about to ruin the last semblance of sanity I have left.

April 20
Trixie Publishing, Inc.
Trixie Publishing, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,

Highly Recommended

I really enjoyed this book, and I pretty much read it straight through. Isla is the daughter of Connall and Pepper from Bound by Fire. When she meets her chosen mate neither could foresee the trouble headed for them. Will they be able to break through the odds and create the future they desire? This was a great way to wrap up the series, but I wouldn’t mind more in this world.

mandms1210 ,


May I just say “WOW!”? This has been one of my favorite series since I opened the first book, Bound by Blood. I love paranormal and fantasy themes that go right along with the Cauld Ane. Piper Davenport is truly one of my favorite authors.

Bound by Fate was wonderful! It has angst, romance, humor (very important to me) and action! This story is about Isla and Arric who rub each other wrong when they first meet. Arric is shrouded in mystery that has you wondering what’s going on. He arrives in Scotland to participate in a competition and we quickly learn that he’s Cauld Ane but has no knowledge of this. He becomes frustrated and angry. Isla knows he’s her mate and becomes frustrated and angry as well since he’s overwhelmed with all that’s changing in his life. This story just sucked me in from there!!

The twists and turns had me turning the pages anxious to see what’s going to happen next. I kept thinking that there was no way that this series would be “finished” with this book... but I have to say that Ms Davenport did an amazing job putting an end to this series that you will never see coming! There is certainly room for more books with the second generation but they would be a bonus.

I can’t wait to see what she writes next! I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and my review is my own opinion.

threers ,

So Amazing!!! The Perfect Ending

I believe an ending to a series should have three things. There should be no loose ends. The resolution to the series should leave satisfied and not yelling in frustration (trust me it happens). I should be left with the hope that in the future the author will come back to the series and give me more. Piper Davenport exceeded my expectations. I got all of this and more.

I was completely blown away. I had no idea where the ending would take me. The shock of the plot line left me speechless. I can't remember such a corkscrew plot twist in my past readings. Where in the world did the author come up with this stuff? MIND BLOWN!!!!!

Throughout the series the author has given the reader wonderful happily ever afters. The family dynamics have continued to grow with each book. I can't believe I have been jealous of book characters. I want be part of that family.

I look forward to binge reading the Cauld Ane series again and again. I know that I can start at the beginning of the series. I can read every book and get lots of satisfaction. When I reach the final book Bound by Fate, I know that the fates are with the Cauld Ane and my love of a good story.

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