Bound for You Bound for You
Book 6 - Men in Blue

Bound for You

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Publisher Description

Men in Blue, Book 6

Ben has lived through hell. He only survived captivity and torture by the brutes who’d been attempting to develop Sex Offender, a potent aphrodisiac used as a date rape drug, because of the guy he met—and fell in lust with—in the drug lord’s dungeons.

Ryan became Ben’s roommate after they escaped. His nearness is constantly tempting Ben to force Ryan to submit to his dark desires. Disgusted by how similar that makes him to their captors, he’s managed to hold off so far. How long can he keep his cravings for Ryan’s sexy body at bay?

On top of that, they both seem to be falling for the same woman. If Ben has reservations about unleashing his sexual appetites on Ryan then that goes double for Shari, who is entirely too sweet and inexperienced for either of them. Or so Ben thinks.

When Shari teams up with Ryan to change Ben’s mind, it seems like Ben might consider turning their three-way fling into something serious. Until a threat to Ben’s niece reminds them that it’s not always possible to keep those you love safe. After losing his sister in the Sex Offender scandal, Ben might never be ready to take that risk again.

None of them could have realized they were bound for something greater than a traditional partner in life, but Shari and Ryan are sure the three of them will benefit from the love of not one, but two, strong, giving soul mates who can help them leave the darkness of their past behind.

Will they be able to convince Ben that living fully is better than living cautiously?

March 24
Happy Endings Publishing
Happy Endings Publishings

Customer Reviews

Trinyti 333 ,

Great read. Sexy, romantic, thrilling...I could go on but why not read it for yourself.

“Received this ARC free for an honest review. Oh the story that fuels my fantasy! I swear Jayne was in tuned to my fantasy with this trio. This story read like the other books in this series. Lots of action, romance, suspense and eroticism. Ryan, Ben and Shari will have you wanting to laugh, cheer, and beat them senseless-- but stay the course and you’ll love the landing of this turbulent flight. My stomach bottomed out a few times, I felt like I was on a roller coaster as well. You won’t be disappointed with this story. I can’t wait for the next book! "

Liz C. B. ,

6th book in Men in Blue series!

"Bound for You” is the sixth book in Jayne Rylon’s “Men in Blue” series, and it does not disappoint. Ben, Ryan and Shari have survived unimaginable things, resulting in fear and uncertainty when it comes to relationships and love. They are tiptoeing around each other and their feelings, and they each risk losing their true loves because they are afraid to act. Add in some additional twists and heart-wrenching turns, and you too will be drawn into this story and the entire series.
As with all of Jayne’s books, the chemistry between these three is sizzling hot. In addition, the dialogue is clever, the storyline is moving, and I love that she incorporates all of the main characters from the prior books in the series so that the reader can see their stories’ progression as well. Although you can read this book without having read the prior books in the series - DO NOT! Trust me, start from the beginning! It will be so worth it because the series is fantastic and knowing all that has happened before will make everything in this book click into place.

*I was given an advanced copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Daydream Believer Book Blog ,

Heart & Soul Love Story

I have yet to find someone who writes this genre as well as Jayne Rylon. She writes complex characters that have heart and soul. They really become people you become invested in. Her books just keep getting better and better. This book is no different. Ryan, Ben, and Shari are a beautiful trio who find love when they don't expect it. When I say don't expect, I mean it is there, but the don't expect it to ever come to fruition. They all had feelings for each other, but it really took big situations for them to finally come together. Throw in a high stress situation and it really cements their relationship. I thought it was a well developed plotline with excellent character development. Chemistry was off the charts. If you haven't read Jayne Rylon you are missing out! Well Done!

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