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Learning To Be Safe With Dogs

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Kids and dogs can experience a wonderful relationship together—when dogs are properly trained, socialized and adults use common sense and put safety first.

The Problem:  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every 40 seconds, someone in the United States seeks medical attention for a dog bite-related injury. In 1994, some 4.7 million incidents were reported in the United States with nearly 800,000 people requiring medical treatment for dog bite-related injuries. Most of the victims are children under 13 years old with children five to nine years the most vulnerable. 

Dog bites are a serious public health/safety problem that can cause both physical and emotional damage to victims and considerable cost to communities.  A dog’s tendency to bite depends on such factors as heredity, obedience training, socialization, health and the victim’s behavior. Dog bites are largely preventable and prevention must begin with the owner and how the owner interacts with the dog.  A dog should undergo socialization with all members of the family, people outside the family and other animals. 

Just as children need to be taught how to be well-mannered around other people, they need to be taught proper behavior when around animals.  They need to learn what constitutes appropriate play, why dogs may bite, what to do when dogs show danger signs, and when dogs are not to be disturbed.

The BOW WOW OW book and materials help teach children how to act responsibly and safely when interacting with dogs.  This book provides basic information on dog communication and addresses 12 common situations where children could have a negative experience with dogs and then illustrates the proper behavior children should possess while in each situation. These teaching points along with common sense and adult supervision will go a long way in preventing dog bite-related injuries.

This book is recommended for children 4-9 years of age. 


The State of Nevada and WAAAHOO Productions do not guarantee that this book and materials will prevent children from being bitten or attacked by their dog or other dogs. Dogs are animals and animal behavior is unpredictable.  Children should be supervised at all times, around dogs, even the family pet.  Children should be taught not to approach strange dogs.

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November 28
Eileen Gay
Eileen Gay
Grades K-2