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***Mature content. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations***

Caution: new, 100% addictive series!


"No one is going to bother us. Just the two of us. You don’t know anything about me, Anna, but I realized I had to tell you who I am and what life I lead, if I ever wanted a chance of being part of yours."


Just before leaving France to start a new life in New York, twenty-five-year-old Anna Claudel meets Dayton Reeves, a guitarist in a rock band. The attraction is primal, animal-like and magnetic… the two soon find themselves dragged into a spiral of intense feelings and emotions. When Anna realizes that she doesn't actually know much about Dayton, intrigued by his luxurious lifestyle, mysterious absences and unexplained silences, it's already too late… And what if Dayton isn't who he claims to be?

Lose yourself in the new series by Lisa Swann, author of Rocked by a Billionaire, which has already captivated thousands of readers!

This book contains the first three installment of the collection A Billionaire's Charms.

November 24
Addictive Publishing

Customer Reviews

Man of the mountain ,

Billionaires charm

A bit dry. Lacking romance and excitement I read the whole book just to make sure but even the cliff hanger was dry yes she has a dead brother an ex with an obsession but even her romance with Dayton is dry. I expected more with the sample but I was very disappointed and it was very misleading. I usually have a hard time putting a book down until I finish one I had to force myself to finish this one and hoped with each passing page to see it come alive. Some advice for the author. People want the sweep you off your feet romance your character is a billionaire and rock star? To busy to give her much attention? Buys her love with things? Your not even showing a good point in either characters in love it’s confusing that he says he isn’t buying her love but keeps buying her stuff to make up for not being there and she is claiming it’s not about the money but is pretty comfortable accepting the gifts at ease like they don’t bother her which makes it look like she is a gold digger which in the way you made it a point to put in there several times that wasn’t there intentions saying one thing but doing the complete opposite your writing is confusing and It is missing that charm completely not that readers want short and to the point and they would love to see a romance unfold but your book doesn’t show that love with your characters like it has the potential too. Unfortunately Because of the boring and dry reading you lost me for the next box set.

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