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“Cole struggled to free himself as the fire engulfed the bed around him. He then heard muffled voices and the sound of the front door of the apartment being broken down. ‘Derek, no! It’s a trap!’ Cole yelled as loudly as he could. ‘He has a gun! It’s a trap!’ The flames in the room spread to the carpeting and up the wall as Cole continued to scream. ‘It’s a trap! It’s a trap!’ Filling the room with black smoke, the flames raged over Cole as the sounds of two gunshots in the other room echoed in his ears.” -BOYSTOWN Season Six

The mission to rescue Cole O’Brien from the captivity of a deranged fan takes a tragic turn as several people are rushed to the hospital. At the same time, emergency crews make a desperate attempt to save Gino Ciancio and Justin Mancini who are trapped in their car at the bottom of Lake Michigan. And Dustin Mitchell’s return to Chicago places him at the center of a brutal battle that leaves a dear friend fighting for his life.

Inside their family crypt, Marco Ciancio and Camille Ciancio find themselves forever bound by murder as they unearth a family secret that will forever change the trajectory of the Ciancio-Mancini feud. Meanwhile, a family crisis brings the Mancini brothers together in sorrow, the search for Joyelle Mancini’s daughter takes an unexpected turn, and Jensen Stone struggles to accept life in prison.

The opening gala for the Ciancio-Mancini Youth Center sets the stage for number of live-altering events. Cardinal Franco Armani unleashes a plot to destroy several of his enemies, while the police use the event to lure a criminal out of hiding. The sinister Aiden Carmichael reveals his true motives, which have the potential to destroy several relationships. And the fight for Joyelle Mancini’s heart puts two men in a life-threatening situation. It all culminates in the most shocking deaths in the entire BOYSTOWN series.

There’s no place like BOYSTOWN!

Fiction & Literature
July 7
Jake Biondi
Smashwords, Inc.

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