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Eat Smarter.

Your brain is like a plant; it needs good nutrition and water to thrive! The Brain Fuel Cookbook explores the connection between what you eat and how your brain performs.

This cookbook teaches you the basics of ingredient shopping and food preparation. The recipes begin with the most simple to prepare and end with the most time intensive lasagna recipe. Work your way through the easy to follow recipes specifically designed to nourish your brain and you will be a competent chef when you are done. All recipes have been tested and re-tested to ensure that even the first time cook will be able to prepare them. Each recipe contains a picture of the finished product, pop-up tips on how to choose the best ingredients, and easy to follow step-by-step directions.

If you learn by doing, this is your book. The explanations are from a layperson’s perspective using animation, graphics, and simple, to-the-point text. After reading this book, you’ll have the information you need to make brain-friendly changes to your everyday diet as well as to create your own brain-healthy recipes.

Note: All Brain Fuel recipes are naturally gluten-free without any ingredient replacement, except for the Cinnamon Rollers and Flip-Its. Those two recipes can be gluten-free if you use gluten-free tortillas.

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October 20
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Customer Reviews

Texas Chili Fan 555 ,

Favorite Chili Recipe

Great book to have on your phone! Colorful pictures, super graphics, research based and well written tasty recipes will help you enjoy premium taste on a regular budget. Appreciate the nutrition breakouts and estimated costs. Heathy eating does not have to break the bank and is a great investment for your future. I have tried the chili with beef and turkey, and love them both.

Healthymom818 ,

My Brain Works Again!

I am a 46 year old wife and mother of 3 with 10 year old taste buds. I would eat chicken nuggets, hamburgers and French fries everyday and be happy. Unfortunately living that way catches up to you. I lived a brain fog life. Needing naps everyday and gaining more weight every year. I tried a couple of recipes from Brain Fuel and started to notice a difference. I didn't need that 4:00 nap. My husband didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to take antacid. We started to feel better. I felt like my brain was coming out of hibernation. I started to make more recipes and am even seeing the weight come off without feeling like I am dieting. The Brain Fuel meatloaf, curried quinoa & chicken and pumpkin squares are now part of our meal rotation. This book has been the kickstart my family needed to a healthier life!

Lost My Thought ,

Oh What We Learn

Sometimes you ask yourself “What is the reason I buy a book and what am I looking to get from the book?” For some folks, it’s pure entertainment, for others it is education. It depends on the type of book you’re looking for. The Brain Fuel Cookbook definitely falls into the education category.

In this book, I was looking for something other than just a recipe book. The title grabbed my attention, first because I had never associated food with brain functions and now I do. Lord knows we have all bought many recipe books on lowering our weight but I have never even given a thought as to how eating is affecting my brain.

The two videos are icing on the cake. Who would have thought how music affects the mind or how getting enough sleep is important? We have all been told to get eight hours of sleep but I always thought that was for rest only and I suppose most people do as well. The explanation of how the mind works to remove its impurities only while you sleep gives reason to focus on how much sleep you really need.

I have tried many of the recipes and they are on my “must- eat" list. Maybe it’s just me but I seem to be a repeat eater, meaning it’s a rotation of the same foods over and over. I guess that’s why we buy cookbooks. These recipes will be on my repeat list and other, less brain fuel based, will be taken off.

More and more, almost everyone you talk to knows someone with Alzheimer’s and my guess is the older we get the more people we will know with this horrible disease. Being a diabetic, I appreciate the information on blood sugars as well.

If you are looking for a cookbook with sound nutrition with a focus on your brain, this will exceed your expectations.