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Brain Game SPECIAL EDITION: The Instructions are given in the book so that you can play by yourself and with your children. The games are hyperlinked so that you can move from one game to the next, one level to the next to win your games.

Have fun playing these 3 Level Games- A total of 30 Word Scramble Games To Challenge Your Brain & Mind

This is a classic word scramble game. In this game you will be given a set of 6 scrambled letters.

You are required to rearrange them into a meaningful word in the following format:

3 Letter word

4 Letter word

5 Letter word

6 Letter word

There are 3 Levels of Difficulty: Easy, Medium & Difficult!

Win all 3 Levels!

There are 2 WAYS to play this game:

A. For Parents to help Children to Increase Spelling Skills

This game is for parents to help children increase their spelling skills.

Guide your child to use the 6 letters to:

Form 3 letter words

Form 4 letter words

Form 5 letter words

Form 6 letter words

You can set the timer to see how long it takes for your child to finish one game. The whole idea is to help him expand his vocabulary & learn spelling skills.

B. Fun For Adults: Beat the Clock

1. Hold your Book in Vertical Position.

2. Start from Level 1 ¡V Easy.

3. 6 Letters will be given to you.

4. Set the Timer: 2 minutes!

5. Use 2 minutes to find as many as you can from the 6 letters. Write them on a piece of paper.

6. When 2 min is up, Check your answer to see how many you got right.

7. Set the Timer: 2 minutes!

8. Another 6 Letters will be given to you.

9. See how many words you got right!

10. Repeat this until you finish 10 Games in Level 1.

11. Move to the next level.

Have Fun!

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