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Perfectionistic Branna Lind has found true love with James Newbern, but the winds of Hurricane Katrina push their wedding date into an uncertain future. She can’t wait on Fleur de Lis to be restored to marry James. They need to wed pronto, before she reveals news sure to shock her family. 


James is determined to protect Branna. Since their engagement, his gun toting ex-fiancée has been dipping into crazy. He’s certain she’ll settle down after the wedding, but when she steals Branna’s heirloom pearls—her something old for the wedding—James takes matters into his own hands.  And despite Branna’s ranting, he’s not agreeing to a quickie Vegas wedding. His fiancée will be a Fleur de Lis bride, just as tradition dictates. Or he’ll die trying.

The path to “I do” is more challenging than Branna and James ever imagined, but they’re determined to get their happily ever after.

December 7
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Customer Reviews

Carol M Smith ,

Linda Joyce's Branna

Fantastic read!!!
Branna Lind and James Newbern were to be married
at Fleur de Lis.
Then Hurricane Katrina swept through the area
leaving Fleur de Lis with extensive damage. The
wedding has been postponed.
Arriving back in Florida, Branna house has been
vandalized. All her furniture has been cut up,
stuffing covering everything, the mattress has been
slashed open, her clothes stolen, the remaining
clothes were shredded plus a threatening message
was left inside her bedroom closet. In addition, her
car has been stolen but the most important thing:
the heirloom pearls Branna was to wear as
something borrowed are gone. Without them her
wedding would break bridal tradition at the Fleur de Lis.
Branna decides they should elope to Las Vegas but
James has other plans.
Captivating writing with vivid description makes the
reader feel like part of the family. Chills, thrills,
adventure, romance and plenty of twists and turns
keeps the reader anticipating how James and Branna
story will end.
Beauregard, the dog is a companion to the couple. He
is a good, well loved pet.

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