Brave The Wave Discover and Fully Realize Your Authentic Self

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Anxious? Stressed? Frustrated? Looking for Solutions?

As a practicing physician for over twenty years, that's exactly the situation Johnny Cavazos was in. What stunned and shocked him the most was one inescapable fact.

He didn't know what he didn't know.

As he describes it, "The best analogy I can offer is that it's like taking your car to a mechanic to replace a faulty fuel pump and he hands you the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz and says, "take it, it's yours." (That's how Elvis used to give away cars.) There is more value here than a new Mercedes."

In this poignant and riveting account of his decade long journey of discovery, you will be entertained while gaining valuable insight to help understand and actually appreciate the waves, trials and storms that we all encounter in our lives.

This inspiring narrative of personal experiences will reveal useful and practical approaches to help increase joy, clarity, love and personal peace in your life. This book makes for a fascinating, powerful and uplifting read that can inspire each of us to reach for heights we never thought attainable.

With brutal honesty and humor, Johnny uses short vignettes from the medical world and from the captivating world of near-death experiences to take us on a journey that is spell binding, powerful and life changing.

Writing in a comfortable and warm style, Johnny takes us on this trip into spirituality, faith and the near death experience as he unpacks ideas that will open up an experience of clarity and vision that you didn't even realize existed.

Brave the Wave will share valuable insights that will have a personal and powerful impact on every relationship you have, bringing benefits to you and everyone around you.

Religion & Spirituality
July 15
Johnny Cavazos
Draft2Digital, LLC

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