Brave Brave
Book 3 - A Wicked Trilogy


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Publisher Description

Ivy Morgan hasn't been feeling like herself lately. Not like anyone can blame her. After all, being held captive by a psychotic fae prince hell-bent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld is bound to leave some mental scars.

It’s more than that, though. Something dark and insidious is spreading throughout Ivy, more powerful than she could ever imagine... and it’s coming between her and the man she’s fallen deeply in love with, elite Order member Ren Owens.

Ren would do anything to keep Ivy safe. Anything. But when he makes a life altering choice for her, the fallout of his act has far reaching consequences that threaten to tear their lives apart.

If Ivy is going to have any hope of surviving this, she must put aside the hurt and betrayal she feels, and work with not only those she loves, but with an enemy she would rather kill than ever trust. War is coming, and it soon becomes clear that what Ivy and Ren thought they knew about the Order, themselves, and even their enemies, has been nothing but a cluster of dangerous, deadly lies. 

Ivy knows she must be more than just brave to save those she loves--and, ultimately, to save herself. 

Because behind every evil fae Prince, there’s a Queen …

December 11
Jennifer L. Armentrout
Marsal Lyon Literary Agency LLC

Customer Reviews

Ashley Speakman ,

Good Ending to the Wicked Triology

Brave picks up right where Torn left us. Ivy, Ren, and Tink are staying at hotel "good fae." Ren, along with Faye, is trying to find the crystal that will transport and trap the Winter Prince back in the Otherworld. Tink is up to his usual shenanigans (which we all love). Ivy is feeling lost and torn after her escape from Prince Drake. After wandering around alone, Ivy is attacked by two fae. She is almost killed. Ren and Tink do everything they can to make sure Ivy doesn't die. Even, if that means doing something Ivy will hate them for. When Ivy wakes up from the attack, she is changed. She no longer knows who she is. Ren, being an awesome swoon-worthy dude, says Ivy has grown more beautiful. Then, Ivy discovers that it is only a matter of time before Drake finds their location. She decides to leave on her own. Ren discovers her trying to flee. He is devastated. He says that they have help coming in the morning and begs Ivy to stay one more day. Ivy concedes and stays. I won't spoil who the help actual is. But, this is a game changer. They discover Prince Drake has found another halfling to make babies with and has left NOLA. Ivy and crew devise a plan to intercept Drake before he is able to follow through with his plan. Will Ivy and Ren be able to put the past behind them and move on? What happens to Tink? And, what is his real name? Who can be trusted?
I love JLA. She is usually a 5 star read for me. This story left a few gaps. I felt like Ivy and Ren were getting it on too much. Now, I love a good romance. And, Ren and Ivy are a good romance but they have the supernatural sci-fi background too. I felt like this book focused more on them hooking up and not the actual story. I was very disappointed with the last chapter. I wanted a solid conclusion where everything is wrapped up. It was still a good story and definitely worth a read if you have read the other two books in this series.

cearbear555 ,

Wild Ride

Just when you thought you know what’s going on there is a curve ball. Ivy and Ren sizzle together.

Ma'am hockey freak ,

Just pure genius

No words to describe this series!! All I can say is don’t miss out.

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