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He can't help falling for her ... but that doesn't mean he can trust her.

If there is such a thing as love at first sight, that's what Braxton Green feels the first time he lays eyes on Taylor Aaronson. Too bad her arrival in Elm Ridge sets off so many alarm bells.

Etta, Taylor's grandmother, has been all alone since her husband died. As her neighbor, Braxton feels compelled to protect the elderly woman from anyone who would take advantage ... even her beautiful, charming, long-lost granddaughter.

Taylor Aaronson never got the chance to know her father, so she's thankful that her grandma Etta welcomes her with open arms. So does most of the town ... except for Braxton Green.

She can't deny the attraction that flares every time the handsome veterinarian is around, even as she wonders why he's gotten so cozy with her grandmother. The news that he's offered to buy Etta’s best mare only deepens Taylor's suspicions.

Can the two people who care the most about Etta's well-being put aside their mutual distrust long enough to see the truth about each other?

Welcome to the small town of Elm Ridge, Kentucky, where you’ll swoon, smile, and fall helplessly in love with the Green family. This heartwarming romance has no cliffhangers and no cheating.

June 3
Olivia Sands
Lady O Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

avidreader4ever ,

Braxton Olivia Sands

Loved this book. Clean romance with plot twists and turns that are a delight. Love that each book in this series can be a stand alone novel. If writer ever starts writing trashy romances I will cease to be a fan. Recommend this book and everything I have read by Ms. Sands. Bravo!!!

penny42058 ,


This is another great addition to the Kentucky Green series. Taylor comes to Elm Ridge to get to know her grandparents. She didn’t know that her grandfather had passed away about five years ago. Her grandparents regretted turning Alice, Taylor’s mom, away and Etta is so happy to see Taylor. Braxton thinks Taylor is just trying to get what she can get, lol. I won’t leave any spoilers, but I will say I really enjoyed this story, especially reading about the connection between Chick and Taylor.

Leslie Lady Irish ,

Braxton meets his match!!

Braxton’s story, 3rd in the Kentucky Green series, drives home the old “3rd time’s the charm”!

Taylor came to the Ridge to meet her grandparents. Sadly she was too late for her grandpa, but Grandma Etta was there to welcome her into her home and heart. A misunderstanding had deprived her of growing up with these loving grandparents and the horses her grandpa loved. However, Grandpa left her his favorite horse, with whom she immediately fell in love. Braxton Green, vet and neighbor of Etta’s, was initially suspicious of Taylor’s motives, but soon realized her intentions were strictly honorable. Very soon the two were having serious feelings for one another. An appearance here and there of the Greens met in the 2 earlier volumes was quite enjoyable. My only criticism was that I wasn’t ready for the story to end!

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