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His mission? A leisurely, first-class train ride through the Canadian Rockies escorting a doctor who was afraid of flying.

Easy. Relaxing. And if the doctor is a beautiful, funny, kind-hearted woman that makes him wish for a future he thought had been buried with his last Special Forces mission, what can go wrong?


Illegal weapons smuggler. Nefarious businessmen. An explosion that knocks the train off the tracks. An escape into the Canadian forest. And the doctor with a medical condition and not enough medication.

Bray will need to use all his skills and help from fellow Keepers to turn this mission gone wrong into a success… after all, both their lives, and their hearts depend on it.

Lighthouse Security Investigations
The security and investigation company is filled with handpicked men and women from the SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces, Deltas, and Air Force Special Ops. All trained in CIA Special Operations, the Keepers were the best of the best and ready to take on any mission. 

October 19
Maryann Jordan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Holls23 ,


Holy cow! I love her books and started this series from the beginning. They are ALL great but this one takes the cake!! It could be a movie! Well done MaryAnne!

Agent$$$$ ,

A Train Ride To Forever

Dr. Marie Brighton suffered injuries, physical and mental, in a helicopter crash as a teen. Her father, an up and coming politician, always felt guilty as she was returning home after a rally when the crash occurred. Since then, Marie’s brother and father have been overly protective of Marie. With her new diagnosis of hypothyroidism, the protectiveness increased. Marie’s a successful doctor who enjoys working with children who have injuries suffered during various activities, accidents. Marie works not only to physically rehabilitate a patient, but to help them mentally as well. When the opportunity arises to attend a conference, then go on a “bucket-list” trip, Marie jumps at the chance. She’s to start a new job in a few weeks and wants to relax. Her brother is not sold on Marie traveling alone—without protection. So, he hires Lighthouse Security services. Marie will only agree to a bodyguard if he’s “hot, built”. When Bray arrives to provide security, Marie thinks her brother is playing a joke on her as Bray checks off all her requested requirements….

When Bray receives his latest assignment, he thinks…this will be easy. He even thought of it as a mini-vacation through the Canadian Rockies. He was so wrong! Marie is the opposite of what Bray imagined her to be. She’s strong, smart, beautiful, brave, and very capable. Although Bray wasn’t looking for forever, Marie might just be the forever he didn’t think he needed. If only he can keep them alive…

I have to say….one of my FAVORITE novels in this series! I absolutely loved all of the suspense, dodging bullets, sleeping under the stars, the train ride—before the explosion! The twists in the end…whew! I can’t recommend this novel enough! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Klebeau1 ,

Babe… it’s a simple word but has so many different meanings. I just melt every time…

This keeper just got handed a dream job. A first class trip escorting a very beautiful Dr. Marie Brighton while traveling through the Canadian Rockies by train. She’s smart, beautiful and their chemistry sizzles. Bray’s thinking life doesn’t get any better. What could possible go wrong?
Marie wasn’t expecting a gorgeous model worthy bodyguard when her FBI brother said he was sending protection. But he does seem to check off all of her boxes. Nothing’s really gonna happen anyway. How wrong they both are when Bray and Marie are stuck on a train headed for disaster and they find themselves being hunted by a madman. Bray and his fellow keepers will stop at nothing to save the woman that now owns his heart!
“I voluntarily received this arc book for an honest review”

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