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"The Bytes of Life offer an almost illicit, forbidden glimpse at what goes on when no one else is supposed to be looking!" ~Mark Woods, Author of Fear of the Dark and Time of Tides

Fiddles, bodhráns, harps and bouzoukis are in full swing when Cassie and Trevor head to their favorite pub for a well-deserved night out. 

A simple kiss on the dance floor evolves into a brazen promise. As they hurtle toward home, they cannot keep their hands off each other and the night takes on that highly-charged, anticipatory feel they’ve known since the beginning of their marriage. 

The fireworks come fast and furiously as Trevor and Cassandra give over to their passion. You won’t want to miss the action when a certain silky scarf is put into play. 

Interview with the Authors 

Q - So what makes the Countermeasure Series special?

A - Countermeasure pulls in the best of Erotic Romance, Adventure and Suspense into one single series. We also aim to write about people, not characters. They are true to life and flawed, also someone you feel you can connect to and invite for a coffee just to shoot the breeze. The series has two separate, yet connected sets of books. The novels develop the bulk of the mystery and adventure in the plot. The short stories and novellas develop the characters and bare the characters' souls to you. All of their dreams, disillusions, fears are exposed in the short stories. The short stories and Novellas are also what we call Romantica. They are stories portraying a day in the life of the characters after their "I do". A mix between Romance and Erotica where you are the fly on the wall during the married couples' intimate moments. If you enjoy high heat, spicy reads involving married couples, you got to the right series.

Q - What order should I read the books?

A - We recommend you read the novels and novellas in the following order. Please note the short stories and novellas are not mandatory reads to understand the suspense arc in the novels.

- Countermeasure 

- Uncharted (FREE prequel with subscription to our newsletter)

- Ecstasy by the Sea (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume I Bundle Deal)

- Cuffed at Midnight (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume I Bundle Deal)

- Take Me 

- Passion at Dawn (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume I Bundle Deal)

- Something Crazy 

- To Russia with Love 

- Blindsided (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume II Bundle Deal)

- Roaming Pleasure 

- Payback 

- Lost to Rapture (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume II Bundle Deal)

- Brazen 

- Christmas Wish (also available in Countermeasure: Bytes of Life Volume II Bundle Deal)

- Alternate Connection 

Q - Why should I give these books a try?

A - Because the Countermeasure Series books take you on a fast, fun and thrill-filled ride that will leave you wanting for more from all of our characters. Readers who are not skirmish about adult scenes and language appreciate the books greatly.

Thank you for reading!

For more information about the series and how the books connect, reading order and upcoming stories, please visit the series' official website.

 Countermeasure Series Categories

- Romantic Suspense

- Erotic Romantic Suspense

- Romantic Thriller

- Mystery and Suspense

- Mystery Series 

- Crime Thrillers

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February 2
Éire Publishing, LLC
Eire Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

ZR4000 ,

A much needed distraction…

This is a short story in the Countermeasure series. We share a moment in the lives of Cassandra and Trevor Bauer who after recently celebrating their one year anniversary were inundated with NSA work and could use some relaxation. Saying their first year was eventful is an understatement, not only did they navigate their new relationship they dealt with intrigue, danger and the search for information about Trevor’s parents. There’s much on Trevor’s mind and Cassandra decides to remind her husband that you have to remember to enjoy life, it’s the little moments that make it all worthwhile. There is peace in forgetting about everything and just being, something Trevor himself taught Cassandra.

Join them for a walk in the early fall through Dublin to their favorite pub for a delicious meal, some good music and then home. The descriptions of the environment are so vivid you can easily imagine the path they walk and the interior of the pub. It didn’t take Trevor long to get into the mood of the evening. Seeing them acting giddy with love as those still new to it will make you smile. Between these two there’s much love, playfulness, sexiness and even competition to liven up the mix.

Received an ARC of this story via the authors' newsletter.

Amy - So Many Reads ,

Hot and Sexy!

What a fun little bit! If you have been following the Countermeasure Series and all the Bit and Bytes of Life, you will not want to miss this one. These bits are a great way to watch the marriage between Trevor and Cassandra grow. The Bits are shorter in length than the Bytes and usually just include one long scene between Trevor and Cassie.

Brazen follows the couple on a night out to the pub and then the back to their house. It is super hot, super sexy and just so much fun to read. And a little inspiring. ;-)

If you are new to the series, this one will feel as though there is not much meat to it, but that is because the Bits of Life are just in between stories about the main characters in the series. Think about them as extra or bonus scenes. It is a good sample to try if you have not read the series, though. You will get a good feel for the authors' writing. I recommend everyone give Brazen a try!

*This Bit of Life was received as part of the Authors' Newsletter.*

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