Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now

Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now

Jocelyn Bellows and Others
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Publisher Description

Forty years old and no backbone, no ability to stand up on my own and speak my power, speak my truth. And I was SICK of it. I was sick of the situation, of this scene I watched – no played part in – for the last decade plus of my life. Oh, wait, who am I kidding, for my ENTIRE LIFE!

Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now is a gathering of 16 authors from around the globe, sharing personal journeys of the depths of personal pain, addiction, loneliness, loss, and confusion.
Through mazes of uncertainty, dark clouds, and dishonoring themselves, remaining in a variety of different relationships: romantic, work, parenting, siblings, friendships, faith; combined with the co-dependency of addictions, narcissism, shadow selves and self loathing due to body image, these global leaders spanning five continents have come together to touch, move and inspire others so they too can transform their lives from the depths of depression to abundance and joy.
By choosing to pour love into themselves, into others, choosing to receive, and be still, they let go of the self limitations so many around the world today hang onto. 
So if you are staying in situations which no longer serve me, if you want to break free from the negative cycles holding you back, and wish to learn from experts in their fields who have been there and done it, then look no further!
We got what we choose to tolerate and now it is time to CHOOSE A BETTER YOU MOVING FORWARD.

Health, Mind & Body
November 22
Dawn Publishing
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