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Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and military members all see the innermost of our dark and fallen world. Jonathan Hickory gives us a veteran police officer’s intimate perspective into the struggle that many of our heroes battle in their hearts.

Drowning in the depths of depression and sadness, burning with anger, and chained down by alcoholism, Jonathan couldn’t do any more. After the death of his father as a young boy, facing countless horrific death scenes in the line of duty, and the loss of his first son, Jonathan turned to the world for answers—finding only darkness. Facing the threat of losing his job as a police officer, the loss of his wife and daughter, and contemplating suicide, Jonathan turns to the only one who can truly save—Jesus.

Read the powerful true story of how a step into faith saved Jonathan from the clutches of sin and addiction, changing his life forever. This amazing story of grace and the life-changing power of Jesus Christ is guaranteed to encourage everyone who reads it.

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November 19
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Customer Reviews

kids captain ,

Raw, Honest Path to Hope

This book takes us on a journey from being a regular kid going through life to a spiraling down into the destruction of anger....and beyond.. The story surrounds us with a raw pain that can crush our spirit and leave us exposed to the hollowness and despair of a loss of direction and identity. But thankfully, we are not left there. We are brought through it all, to a glimmer of hope; a hint of a lifeline. Slowly, beautifully, miraculously, we find light, healing, victory and joy embracing the author and beckoning to all humanity. I love this book!

BigShawtyTrigga ,

Truly Inspiring

Break Every Chain is an excellent example of how God can change a life! Jonathan holds nothing back as he shows where he was before the life-changing power of Jesus entered his life and the man God has molded him into today. This book can provide encouragement and guidance no matter where you are in your journey of faith.

Rita Bea78 ,

Phenomenal Book!

I highly recommend anyone that is facing a challenge in their life to read this first person perspective of life's challenges. I myself was struggling with my faith, an alcoholic husband, and the ability to stay strong to withstand the challenges that alcoholism brought to my marriage. That is why I am so happy that Jonathan has put his story and directive into writing so that it can reach many others in the world that are facing the same challenges. He helps us all in knowing that we are not alone in facing these challenges and that by following the same actions towards God then we will come out better in the end. Jonathan tells his story like you're speaking to him directly, a very smooth flowing, easy read. So much that I had trouble putting it down when landing in Florida for a trip to Disney World, the happiest place on earth! I encourage anyone that knows someone or is facing loss, alcoholism, depression, or the everyday stresses and challenges of life to read this book! His experience and direction has definitely made a change in my life!