Break Into Fiction®: 11 Steps To Building A Powerful Story

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Break Into Fiction®: 11 Steps To Building A Powerful Story

Written by a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelists, Break Into Fiction® is a workshop-in-a-book and the one resource all writers need to master the art of fiction. 

Getting a book published is hard enough, but what about building a loyal reader base?  It’s been said that nothing sells a book – to an editor or a reader – faster than a great story.

Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser (write by the seat of your pants), Break Into Fiction® is the book that will help you find the weak spots (sagging middles, unlikeable characters, slow pacing and more) in your fiction stories.  Editing is key to any story, but it starts with the author.  Writing fast means nothing if the final story isn’t sound. But the sooner you grasp the power points for a story, the faster you’ll be able to build a strong backlist. Now you have a way to improve your writing one easy step at a time. 

This book is based on the popular workshops Mary Buckham and Dianna Love taught in the US and internationally to beginning writers, multi-published authors and even a Pulitzer Prize winner.   

Their innovative method shows writers how to create stories of depth, excitement, and emotion with:

* Easy-to-understand templates that guide the new writer through building a novel and show more experienced writers how to deepen a plot and take a first draft to the next level much more quickly

* Reference examples from strongly-plotted popular genre films of suspense, classics, children, and romance

* Simple worksheets to build a strong story through Character-Driven™ plotting for any genre

* Troubleshooting tips that reveal how to find and fix holes that weaken the plot

* Insights from best-selling novelists representing a variety of fiction genres

* A bonus dialogue guide that reveals how to make a character come alive through conversation.

Break Into Fiction® is here to help aspiring-to-bestselling authors with a step-by-step guide!

 “These writers know their business and, what¹s more, know how to explain it. Break into Fiction® is solidly grounded in storytelling fundamentals, but then goes much farther into the practical detail that determines whether your book will bring a check or a rejection slip.” 

--Jon Franklin, author of Writing for Story and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner

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