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One Mistake
Carla Hernandez needs to drop off the glamorous Miami grid. Her aunt's house in Havana seems the perfect place to get over being dumped by her fiancé—and figure out why she keeps messing up her life. But photojournalist Jonah Kane’s unexpected presence is one sizzling mistake she’s hungry to make. 
 One Temptation
Jonah thought his favorite Cuban refuge would help him get some badly-needed peace. Still, he’s ridden out way worse than the tropical storm trapping him with Carla. And he’s going to handle this spoiled little princess on his own dominant, seductive terms just until the storm is over. Too bad this sexy wild card only makes him only want more. And more . . .
No Restraints
Now Carla’s back home—but not quite alone. When her baby is born, she’s going to raise it on her own, no matter how much she still burns for Jonah. But Jonah can’t get over her irrepressible spirit or the passion they shared. And trying to walk away is only making things too hot to resist . . .
Break of Day does not disappoint. Readers will be swept away by the lustful looks, tumultuous pasts, and unapologetic sex drive of the protagonists.” —RT Book Reviews

September 12
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Customer Reviews

Eileen A-W ,

Sex, Love and Baby makes three

If you want a book with a lot of sex scenes then Break of Day by Andie Christopher, part of her One Night in South Beach series, could be your book. Carla is sent to Cuba for a visit with her great aunt Lola, hoping it will help her with getting over her broken engagement. Lola is a character; over seventy, renting out her home, taking care of others and quite sexually active. Currently Jonah is staying at Lola’s casa and misreads Carla from the moment he meets her at the door. These two are like oil and water until Lola leaves them alone while a storm hits the island. While the storm is raining destruction these two spend all of their time bonking each other and realize neither person is who the other thought. A broken condom leads to an unexpected pregnancy and two people caught up in their insecurities and lack of confidence to just get over themselves and believe in treating the other with the true feelings they have.

I enjoyed reading this book but struggled with all of the swearing, especially in scenes where it wasn’t needed. I’m not a prude and I don’t object to swearing, but a lot of the f-words distracted me from the story instead of adding to the scene. Despite this, I still recommend this book to other readers.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

bh313@hotmail ,

Good read

This one started off pretty slow for me but I'm glad I stuck with it. The story picks up pace and interest in the second half of the book.

After her fiance abruptly calls off their wedding Carla Hernandez wants to get away from everything and just hide out for a while. What better place to hide than her aunt's home in Havana. Never did she expect to find Jonah Kane already staying there. At first these two don't really like each other but soon with a storm raging outside and no where to go they come together and passion rages inside. After returning home Carla finds out she brought home the biggest souvenir of all.

Good read, just takes a while to really get going.

Cheryl SDS ,

A fun, sexy and emotional read!!!

This is book 3 in the One Night in South Beach series and it features the very large and sexy photo journalist Jonah Kane and socialite, interior decorator Carla Hernandez. She was getting over a failed relationship and he was still running from his past. Their attraction towards each other was SIZZLING HOT! Carla is a little flaky and often forgets to turn on that mouth to brain filter, which often gets her in trouble with Jonah.

This is a fun, sexy and emotional read. It is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. I look forward to reading more from this fantastic author.

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