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Jo-Anne offers exactly what you need to get over the gut-wrenching pain. Understand what went wrong, learn practical strategies to manage your strong emotions and transform your thinking and behaviour. You will even find yourself laughing a bit along the way!

— MARIA LEROSE, M.E.D., Prominent Canadian Performance Coach in Social and Emotional Learning

I was able to really grasp a deeper learning about myself and what went wrong, and how I can be more successful in my future relationships.

— JULIE BERNARD, Manager Production Services, Creative B.C./B.C. Film Commission

Jo-Anne Weiler is a truly skilled therapist and has helped so many of my patients through difficult circumstances and challenges in their lives. I am excited to have this book to assist couples/people through the pain and grief of relationship endings.


This book is what ultimately challenged my ignorant and perhaps naive notions of ‘moving on’, and brought me back to this wonderful place of self-love and reconciliation. There is no truer soul than Jo-Anne Weiler, dedicated to fighting through love’s battlefield with you.

— STACEY BROWN, B.A., M.A., Marketing Lead, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

JO-ANNE WEILER, M.A., R.M.F.T., R.C.C., President of Therahealth Network Ltd., has a professional background in both psychology and fitness. In 1981 she launched The Mom & Me Network, the first pre and postnatal fitness program in Canada, a program that she lead until 2010. In 1990, Jo-Anne returned to university to pursue her formal education and obtained a Bachelor and Masters of Psychology, and has maintained a private clinical counseling practice for the past 15 years in West Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work includes young professionals, couples and families as they work through personal, professional, and relationship life stage challenges. She is also a professional life coach.

Jo-Anne has been a contributor to both print and broadcast media in Canada. She has provided leadership training to senior executives of the Government of Canada and 2010 Legacies Now (an agency of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games). Jo-Anne is also a much sought after speaker on topics like work life balance and emotional intelligence, delivered to senior professional personnel of engineering, law, and management corporations, including the telecommunications giant Telus Ltd.

On a personal front, Jo-Anne has a passion for contributing to her community as shown through her leadership in bringing a dynamic group of women to work as volunteers to raise awareness and funding to support social sustainability initiatives such as Partners In The Horn of Africa (2005 - 2009). Jo-Anne is the mother of two adult children and has two adult step-children. She is married to Joe Weiler, a prominent Canadian Sports and Entertainment Lawyer.

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