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This time, she won’t escape.

She was just an innocent girl. With her beautiful auburn hair, and those sparkling blue eyes, she deserves better than to be held captive by the monsters I call my friends.

I watch over her, biding my time. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. To be the knight in leather armor.

After I save her, there’s no going back. Our lives will forever be intertwined, whether she wants it or not.

Eventually, she’ll come to see me as her savior.

Eventually, she will be mine.

March 8
Pathforgers Publishing
Pathforgers Publishing

Customer Reviews

Ryatsko ,

Just the beginning

What an intense beginning of a new MC series..
...with betrayal, action, grit, and steam!!!

Quick paced, page turning with twist and turns,
..can’t wait for more to come!!,

Racy Carr ,


I just love MC books. This one we get to see some crime in the MC, we get to see what the MC means to some, and we get to see some brotherhood.

Kate I would like to think was mature for her age but yet had that innocents and was very naive. She was 18 so it was nice to see someone like that at that age. She had to make some very important choses and decide who to put her trust in.

I just loved Breaker. I loved seeing someone that has that real bad boy attitude and yet had a good heart. he did not care to drawl the line when it came to something he was totally against. He too will have some important decisions that will change his life forever.

I love the chemistry between Breaker and Kate. They both drawn to each other but I loved how Breaker could drawl the line when he needed to.

Things will get bad and very dangerous but Kate will find how much she can really trust Breaker.

This was a great story and glad I got a chance to read the book.

Rinsky13 ,

Exciting start to new series

This is the start of a new MC series, and it starts off with a bang (of sorts). Kidnapped, drugged, and locked up, Kate has no clue what happened to her. Enter Breaker, who, after finding out why the girl is locked in the shed, decides to break her out. Things go bad, and they go on the run. But things don’t get forgotten. And after years, things get dangerous again. Just wait to see how it turns out!!

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