Breakfast Like an Emperor

The most abused, neglected, misunderstood meal in America's day

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Breakfast Like an Emperor is a rare window into an entire way of life very different from what most Americans create for themselves. Its purpose is to offer the imagination something refreshingly different for those who care to look. And isn’t that how true change begins?

The train wreck the modern world continues to create for itself is in full swing—unnoticed by most, silently endured by others. But that's only because the rung we occupy on the ladder of perspective we may not be quite as lofty as we’d like to think.

This book is for those rare souls for whom the catastrophe, already in motion, is self-evident—either through the gift of keen awareness, or from the experience of karma that suddenly brings truth to the tip of our nose.

So the content of the book supports a wealth of vantage points and ways of being, far more satisfying than what life itself commonly brings us. Because we are now more aware of cause and effect at play, and so, more able to exert a level of control. We can’t control what we don’t understand: our moods, our foods, our bodies, our minds, our heart—what happens to us each and everyday of our lives. There is an unimaginable joy—and relief!—in the simple attainment of understanding.

That's what Oriental medicine brings to the table—deep understanding. As in thousands of years deep. Not decades, not centuries. Millennia.

Speaking of souls, who the heck is Larry Horton?

Just a simple white boy from America's rural heartland, whose mother saw the writing on the wall, but couldn't live with its message, and whose father did a stellar job of keeping our ship of three steady in the storm as long as his huge heart allowed, until he too, succumbed to a failed medicine. How ironic that only in late adulthood did I become absorbed in an ancient medical paradigm whose wisdom contains answers to so many questions our civilization hasn't even found the humility to ask in the midst of its accelerating decline. How perfect!

In Breakfast Like an Emperor many of those answers—so easy, so basic, so effective and reliable—are simply laid out, by example, pointing the way up a path that may not be entirely obvious as it begins, but becomes blindingly clear as it unfolds.

Welcome to each of you!

Dr. Larry Horton

321 pages of Oriental medicine's principles, in text, photographs, videos, charts, and interactive animations the reader can easily implement the moment she/he makes that decision.

    Health, Mind & Body
    June 21
    Ancient Wisdom Series
    Larry Horton

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    A equip ,

    Elegant and spirited

    An engaging and beautiful book, encouraging a better attitude toward breakfast, with good suggestions. You also get an overview of the traditional Chinese medicine behind this humane and generous approach to making your own meals, and enjoying good health.