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The Breaking Bad: Alchemy multi-touch book is an ownable piece of history that provides an evocative fan experience and celebrates the true legacy of the Breaking Bad series. 

With over 120 pages of original content and more than 350 interactive elements, Breaking Bad: Alchemy highlights the unique visual, aural, narrative and filmic elements that make Breaking Bad one of the most magnetic series in television history.  Filled with insider behind-the-scenes secrets, stories spanning every season, including a complete series multi-touch timeline, exclusive interviews with creator Vince Gilligan and an interactive death timeline of those who met their demise, this one-of-a-kind book offers fans and newcomers a brand new way to experience the evolution of the show from the pilot and will update all the way through to the final episode.

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July 16
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Customer Reviews

BAK1972 ,

For the fans

I love this interactive book, so much information. Sadly when I enlarge the text on page 3 and 4 no text is visible. Would be great if it could be fixed.

Mr. Parker ,

Heisenberg himself would approve

Breaking Bad: Alchemy is incredibly detailed, with plenty of text and audio interviews, photos and other oddities to help get the BB newbie up to speed or give the BB know-it-all even more knowledge on the show. There is plenty to see and do with this cool iBook, and a lot of things you can potentially miss and catch on a second read through. The book covers everything save for the final episodes. Really hoping to see an update
.gvv c after the final eight episodes air that



Lovin' this book. Some of the exclusive content from Vince Gilligan is really interesting to read and I really like the timeline in chapter 1. Can't wait for the updates when the new season starts!