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Welcome to Breaking Glass, an introduction to the art and design of stained glass. A step by step guide to the techniques, tricks and tips on how to create Stained Glass Art, ‘Breaking Glass’ includes sections on selecting glass, the tools which are required and others which are recommended. Subjects covered include how to use those tools, safety guidelines, how to cut, grind, fit and assemble the pieces and display beautiful stained glass art. Each step is clearly explained via text, photographs and on-line videos. ~Today, stained glass remains both an industry and a hobby. Churches still order stained glass windows for their cathedrals, mostly as depictions of scenes from the bible. Many commercial buildings have stained glass art prominently displayed. People buy stained glass ‘Tiffany’ style lamps for their living rooms and order colorful windows for their homes, ranging from scenery to abstract art. A good quality lamp can cost hundreds of dollars. Stained glass windows can easily go into the thousands.As with any art, you can buy something created by someone else, or you can learn the art and do it yourself. Unlike some art forms, stained glass can be done in small scale by anyone with an interest and a steady hand. Pre-done patterns can be purchased at the local bookstore. Most cities have a glass shop which carries glass and stained glass supplies. If not, Internet sites abound. Tools are relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire. All you need is a little assistance, a guide to walk you through the steps of creation. What you have in your hands is that guide.‘Breaking Glass’ is written to give you the introductory guide to creating stained glass art, including lampshades, windows and three dimensional objects. It introduces you to the various tools and techniques used, then walks you through the five steps of creating, cutting, grinding, assembly and finishing. Following along with the book allows the you to understand the art form, including creation of your own patterns. By the end, you will be able to tailor-make your own stained glass art.I’ve chosen to make this book pictorial rather than wordy. I’m a firm believer that a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ve tried to show, and only talked enough to guide you through what the picture depicts. I’ve also chosen the size of the book so I can fit in lots of pictures, while keeping the pictures big enough that you can clearly see the detail shown without needing a magnifying glass. At various key spots I also provide links to on-line videos, providing greater detail on techniques. Lastly, I’ve focused on giving you an overall introduction to creating stained glass art, so you can create your own designs and art to suit your needs.You don’t have to be an expert to follow the steps in this book. You don’t have to have any experience in glass work, you simply need to have an interest and a desire to create something. I will guide you through the process in five easy-to-follow steps. You only need a few tools, though I show you other tools that can be useful. You can choose how much to invest and how many tools to buy. The basic tools can be purchased for one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars. The glass is easy to buy and inexpensive, ranging anywhere from five to ten dollars per square foot. Sound interesting? Well, if you haven’t already done so, buy the book. Pick up a few tools, buy some glass, follow along with the book and let’s start breaking glass.

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August 19
Stephen C Norton
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