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He wasn’t good for her. He never would be.

At eighteen, Stevie Case finally surrendered to her attraction to bad boy Ethan Rafters, sharing one night with him before she graduated and he skipped town on a one-way road to destruction. Years later, Stevie has hit back life’s curveballs and is no stranger to hard work, but when she finds herself working for Ethan, who’s turned his life around, her world shatters not only because their chemistry is still fierce and undeniable but because fate separated them before she could tell him he has a son.

Ethan desperately wants to be a good father and a partner yet he believes he’ll never be normal. The chaos that defines his life has destroyed his relationships, yet Stevie’s acceptance of his flaws tempts him with a life he thought impossible.

Dare he risk Stevie's life of hard-fought stability for his own chance at happiness? 

September 1
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jean Boehmke ,

Breaking Good

This was a very emotional story. Stevie and Ethan had chemistry from a distance since high school. But then didn't see each other again for over 7 years. She thought Ethan was dead. But she had a secret from him as well.
I loved how emotional this story was. Everyone having to come to terms with the new reality in a very short amount of time. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster. But I loved every minute of it.

Bec.OinTX ,

Breaking Good

This kept me thinking about what was going to happen next when I would put it down. So had pick it up again as fast as I could. Great story line.

1Alannah ,


Madeline Ash has given us a true account on how an adult with ADHD has to function in a normal world and how their thought process works. Ethan proved that he was able with Stevie's love and help that they could have a good life together.

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