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Just before Josephine's eighteenth birthday, her brother kicks her out of their home and ships her off to Oklahoma to work for a widower and his two children. With no money and her parents gone, Josephine has no choice but to board the train to a strange new life.

When Jack Harrington put an ad in the paper for a young man to work his farm, the last person he expected to step off the train was Josephine Taylor—a spirited young woman from Manhattan. Jack believes Jo is behind the lies her brother told to get the job and tries to send her back to Manhattan. But always a survivor, Jo manipulates a deal to stay with Jack and his children for a month and prove her worth. Jack warns Jo he runs a strict home. If she disobeys he'll slap her backside as red as a rooster's waddle. Undeterred, Jo agrees to his terms.

Jack's son, six-year-old Tommy, immediately takes to Jo, desperate for a mother, but sixteen-year-old Ruby is apprehensive and territorial, which is exacerbated when her beau turns his eyes to Jo. Stubborn and willful, Jo tests Jack's limits. But soon the struggle between them turns passionate. Jo fights against her new and strange yearnings for Jack, but her willpower weakens with every battle they forge.

Does Jo have the courage to fight against the restraints of society and Jack's guarded heart and fall into the intoxicating embrace of her truest desires...


"I just finished devouring your book! Why not even the distraction of Hurricane Michael kept me from finishing your book..." -Anna F. (ARC reviewer)

"I loved it!" -Jann F. (ARC reviewer)

"The story is well written and worth reading. I would highly recommend this as a great read!" -Jill (Goodreads)

October 29
Coco and Bee
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

dung lie ,

Breaking Josephine

Loved this adventure the author created, a great way to escape the world for nice read.

John dung lie

Iwrite2 ,

Young and old love

This book is steamy...! If you think you won’t be able to stomach the thought of an 18 year old and 35 year old man interested in each other, (If I calculated that right), then pass on this book...but I can say that it’s a good story and I’m intrigued enough to pick up the next book in the series. Back in the day, young ladies did marry and become independent earlier than what we do now. Reminded me a bit of Anne of Green Gables in the beginning, with the exception of a kind old gentleman (Matthew), you get a heartbroken & mean but attractive widower (Jack) to meet the young lady at the train station. Jo attempts to find her place in a new world when ultimately she realizes, she doesn’t want to live by anyone’s archaic rules. It’s fun watching her figure it out and have some great hot foreplay along the way.

Gallowaygirly ,

Love finally comes

Jo’s brother, George answered an ad from a farmer in Oklahoma who was looking for a boy to help work on the farm. George no longer had a use for Jo and so he falsely answered the ad and shipped her out. Jo was not what Jack was expecting but he agreed to let her stay for one month to prove her worth. Jack has two children and between the three of them they have worked the farm the best they could. Jo does finally prove her value but not before Jack wants to send her home. I like the way Jack fights his feelings for her but eventually they both admit to the love they feel for each other. In the end there is a HEA but not before George tries to get her to return so she can take care of his new baby and be a servant again, which I was glad to see that she refused. The story is well written and worth reading. I would highly recommend this as a great read.

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