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"This story is about love, social acceptance, jealousy, and more...an engaging read.” —Readers’ Favorite

They have a secret.

No one in Elkwood High School’s class of 1986 knows that seniors Mike Ryan and Cindy Wilson are dating, except for their best friends, Hayden and Molly. According to her mama, Cindy can’t date until her one-hundredth birthday or she graduates college, whichever comes first. 

On the other hand, Mike longs to shout his love from the rooftops. They’re in love. How hard can it be? But to Cindy, family is everything. With her ailing father at home, she’ll do anything to protect him from the potential stress caused by the prejudice toward her interracial relationship. Afraid of losing Mike though, she’ll compromise to make him happy…

Their newly revealed relationship becomes more frenzied than Gremlins in the kitchen after midnight. Social tensions, jealousy, and rumors of an unwanted pregnancy threaten to destroy everything. When Cindy’s twin brother's confrontation with Mike gets physical, Cindy’s greatest fear becomes a reality—her father’s illness turns critical. And she feels that it’s all her fault.

Struggling to overcome barriers erected by their families and peers and prove he’s the right guy for her, Mike desperately performs an act of supreme sacrifice that could save their relationship—but it might just cost him his life.

Young Adult
March 30
Bublish, Inc.
Bublish, Inc.

Customer Reviews

ByFelicia ,

Perfect follow up, definitely worth the read!

So I’m about to jump into this book and since I’m still coming off the high of Breaking the Bro Code I’m totally stoked!

Totally awesome follow up to a pair of great characters. We first meet Cindy and Mike in Breaking the Bro Code. As best friends to Molly and Hayden, their paths crossed a few times. Mike is smitten with Cindy. Her loyalty and heart both as a friend and as an athlete peaks his interest even more. He is definitely swoon worthy with the way he cares about her. Cindy is strong, independent, with just a pinch of sass, and a no nonsense attitude. Seriously, I could be besties with her. Being different in a small town is one thing but to date Mike is a whole other story when change isn’t easily accepted. Her mom has a strict no dating rule but the heart wants what the heart wants. For Cindy and Mike, it’s no different. I truly enjoyed reading their story. Fighting the stupidity that looked down their nose at them and letting the world know that they could care less. They make a really great couple and their chemistry is sizzling. We get to visit Molly and Hayden too. We even see a little redemption for Andrea. I’m really hoping that she gets a happily ever after too. Definitely worth a read.

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